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    Brazil is the second largest executive aviation market in the world. Data collected in March 2022 show that the country has a fleet of 8,891 general aviation aircraft, of which 738 are private jets. The air taxi fleet consists of 601 aircraft, being marketed by 133 operators  authorized for charter flights.

    Next, we will know a little more about this sector, listing the most popular airports for private flights, the most sought after national and international itineraries in the executive aviation and some available aircraft.

    The Most Popular Airports for Private Flights

    In Brazil, we have a wide variety of public and private airports, totaling 2,675 locations. Within the private jet rental sector, Brazil’s most popular entry points include:

    São Paulo/Congonhas Airport (CGH; SBSP)42.168
    Goiânia International Airport – Santa Genoveva (GYN; SBGO)26.331
    Brasilia International Airport – Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek (BSB; SBBR)17.838
    Salvador International Airport – Congressman Luís Eduardo Magalhães (SSA; SBSV)16.086
    Navegantes International Airport – Minister Victor Konder (NVT; SBNF)14.159
    Vitória/Goiabeiras International Airport (VIX; SBVT)13.361
    Manaus International Airport – Eduardo Gomes (MAO; SBEG)12.409
    Florianópolis International Airport – Hercílio Luz (FLN; SBFL)11.561
    Belém/Val-de-Cans International Airport (BEL; SBBE)11.462
    Porto Alegre International Airport – Salgado Filho (POA; SBPA)9.346
    Recife-Guararapes International Airport (REC; SBRF)8.533
    Fortaleza International Airport – Pinto Martins (FOR; SBFZ)8.862
    Curitiba International Airport – Afonso Pena (CWB; SBCT)8.286
    São Paulo/Guarulhos International Airport (GRU; SBGR)7.000

    The above aerodromes are only those authorized to operate international flights. There are others that are among the ten busiest general aviation airports in the country, but which are only self-operated for domestic flights. They are:

    Jacarepaguá Airport – Roberto Marinho (RRJ; SBJR)65.925
    Campo de Marte Airport (RTE; SBMT)49.626
    Belo Horizonte/Pampulha Airport (PLU; SBBH)29.687
    Rio de Janeiro Airport/Santos Dumont (SDU; SBRJ)14.379

    *ANAC data for the year 2020.

    The Most Popular Domestic Routes for Private Flights in Brazil

    The main itineraries of the country usually connect the capitals of the Southeast to Brasilia or the coast. São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, Porto Alegre, Curitiba and Florianópolis are other major cities on the routes most popular by Brazilian consumers.

    Below is a list of the main trips made in Brazil. By clicking on the link of each of them, you will be directed to a quote made on flapper’s website, being able to access route details, available aerodromes and aircraft options.

    Rio de Janeiro – São Paulo

    Transform the Rio – São Paulo air shuttle into an even more agile and comfortable experience flying with Flapper. Arrive in Rio in just 45 minutes (jet) or choose a scenic helicopter flight (1h 30 min).

    Rio de Janeiro – Búzios

    One of cariocas’ favorite beach destinations is just a lift-off away.

    São Paulo – Trancoso

    A great option to enjoy the delights that bahia reserves. Enjoy the paradise of Trancoso by landing directly at Terravista Airport!

    São Paulo – Ilhabela

    Certainly one of the most stunning islands in Brazil. Its blue waters and lush forests will help relax mind and body.

    São Paulo – Paraty

    This historic city is ideal for lovers of sun, summer and boats.

    São Paulo – Florianópolis

    Get to know the capital of Santa Catarina, which was once considered by The New York Times as the Brazilian destination of the year.

    Fortaleza – Jericoacoara

    Discover one of the favorite spots for kitesurfers, arriving in Jericoacoara on a flight made in up to 40 minutes.

    São Paulo – Angra dos Reis

    The destination is so popular that Flapper offers weekly flights for this itinerary.

    The Most Popular International Routes for Private Flights to Brazil

    Much more than exploring Brazil, you can use executive aviation and private flights to learn about the best in Latin America or even take more distant flights to Europe or the United States. Check out the main itineraries made by Flapper and see details with the quotation made on our website.

    Santiago (Chile) – São Paulo

    Another city in the Southern Cone that attracts many charters. Sought also para business and tourism – nature and wines are the main decoys.

    Miami (USA) – São Paulo

    The darling of Brazilian executives in the United States, Miami can be accessed more easily with a chartered aircraft. Another attractive destination for work and holidays.

    Nova Iorque (EUA) – São Paulo

    Trips between the Big Apple and São Paulo are also very common. No for nothing, we’re talking about two of the world’s main cities.

    São Paulo – Paris (France)

    Whether for a corporate or leisure trip, “Paris is always a good idea”. Choose to arrive in the city of Light in comfort aboard between a Midsize, Super Midsize, Heavy Jet or Ultra Long Range aircraft.

    São Paulo – Lisbon (Portugal)

    A mandatory stop for anyone visiting Portugal, you will be enchanted by the traditional tiled walls, viewpoints full of stories and the delicious local cuisine.

    The Best Private Jets for International Flights to Brazil

    To perform these routes, there are several options offered by Flapper and its partners. Some of them stand out being the favoritas among customers of international flights. Know which:  

    Gulfstream G650

    One of the most technologically advanced private jets ever built, it can fly faster and farther than its competitors without sacrificing comfort and safety. It is possible, for example, to carry out intercontinental itineraries without the need for refueling. The cabin is spacious and can be configured in different ways, accommodating up to 18 passengers or providing six beds. Of this total, five are singles and one is a double bed. There are 16 large panoramic windows that let in abundant sunlight. It covers around 12,960 km – in the G650ER version, even more: 13,890 km.

    Bombardier Global Express

    Another option that stands out for its long range (11,112 km). This jet revolutionized the ultra-long-range aircraft market by combining the most comfortable cabin category with enviable performance. The supercritical profile and unique design of the wings provide a wide range without hindering operation on short runways, enjoying takeoff and approach at low speeds.

    Bombardier Learjet 60

    compared to the above aircraft, this option has much less range (4,478 km), but earns at the most attractive price. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for executive and leisure charter flights in Latin America. Another attraction is its speed. Reaching 839 km/h, it is one of the fastest medium-sized jets available for chartering. It is equipped with next generation entertainment system with Wi-Fi, satellite phones, surround sound, iPads with hundreds of movies, music and games and more.  

    About Flapper

    A leading executive aviation company in Latin America, Flapper was born out of the need for on-demand services, including flights to premium destinations, inaccessible in commercial aviation. Using our application platforms and corporate bookings, passengers can charter shared flights or charter one of more than 4,000 aircraft certified by international civil aviation authorities.

    In this way, we are proud to be the first on-demand marketplace  in Brazil for the rental of jets and air taxi helicopters. All this with a simple proposal: to bring private aviation closer to frequent flyers.

    How is this done? In two ways. First, we popularize shared flights to increase the size of the existing market by effectively opening up private and business aviation services to upper-middle class travelers. In addition, we have added a complete fleet of air taxi operators and automated the booking process, solving the main problems of recurring customers.

    Thus, by accessing our app or website, you will be able to know in detail all our shared or empty leg flights and the main offers available. It is also possible to customize everything according to your schedule and preference: airports of embarkation and disembarkation, dates, schedules, models of aircraft, etc.

    For a unique, unforgettable and simplified experience, fly with flapper! For chartering, more information or questions, please contact us via:


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