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    One of the busiest airways in the world receives the convenience and efficiency of Flapper. The most famous route in Brazil now ranks as having the 5th largest flow of passengers in the world. Entering as an alternative to commercial aviation, Flapper has scheduled flights departing on Mondays and Fridays, from Congonhas to Barra da Tijuca. The service takes place on the twin-engine aircraft King Air B200 GT, which accommodates seven passengers and includes all the amenities of Flapper’s exclusive service.

    Flight Schedule and Pricing

    The program caters to passengers who need to spend the week working in São Paulo, or Rio de Janeiro, or would like to enjoy the weekend in one of the cities. The take-off takes place on Mondays and Fridays, leaving from São Paulo’s Congonhas airport to Barra da Tijuca’s Jacarepaguá airport, and vice versa. Prices on the route are R$ 950.00 (ca US$ 245) per seat, at each stretch. The schedule follows this model (last update of June / 19):

    Congonhas [SBSP]Jacarepaguá [SBJR]7:308:20R$950
    Jacarepaguá [SBJR]Congonhas [SBSP]9:009:50R$950
    Congonhas [SBSP]Jacarepaguá [SBJR]17:3018:20R$950
    Jacarepaguá [SBJR]Congonhas [SBSP]19:0019:50R$950

    Accordingly, if you need to spend the week working in Rio de Janeiro, or in São Paulo, you can purchase the one-way flight Monday and return on Friday. If you want to enjoy the weekend in one of the destinations, you can leave on Friday and return the next Monday. This agenda includes passengers who use our services for work and also for leisure.

    Below, you can access our booking system and confirm the current schedule, pricing, and aircraft used.

    The Flapper Service

    We are the first on-demand executive aviation company in Brazil, and we are democratizing access to private aviation. Service excellence makes part of our ethos. All clients in São Paulo are accompanied by Flávio Carvalho and those of Rio de Janeiro by Manoel Assunção, our City Managers responsible for each location. Both ensure that your needs and preferences are met at all times.

    To reserve your flight, choose one of the following methods:

    • Flapper Mobile App. Flapper’s award-winning mobile app constitutes the easiest way to book and modify your flight. Using the app you can add your passenger details and access your reservation on the go.
    • Flapper Website. Access our website’s reservation system for the fastest booking option.
    • Email & Phone. Get in touch to reserve your spot and complete your payment with a deposit or credit card charge request.
    • Travel agency. We work with more than 50 travel agencies and offer the possibility of reserving flights through the Argo and Reserva Fácil booking platforms.

    The Flapper payment facility is one of the great advantages that sets the company apart. Payment can be made online by credit card and split in 3x. All popular credit card brands are accepted, including Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Diners, Elo, and Alelo. In addition, advance bank deposits and cash payments are also possible.

    Flapper accepts all popular credit cards.

    Our system can take up to 12h to approve your payment and send the reservation by email. Please note that all guests are subject to prior inspection to ensure maximum safety for all passengers. If you did not receive your reservation on time, please check your SPAM folder. In the document, you can find the location of the lounge in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and details about the aircraft.

    Hand luggage of up to 15kg is allowed per flight, allocated in the luggage rack. In addition, a handbag can be carried by each passenger next to you. If you need additional space, check with the City Manager for availability. We advise you to arrive within 30 minutes of the departure of the flight in the Lounge, ensuring greater tranquility and comfort for boarding.

    Before the flight: Airport and Lounge experience

    The São Paulo take-off takes place at the Congonhas Airport, with access to the Executive Lounge of our on-site partner, TAM. You can access the lounge, heading directly to the waiting room. You will be greeted by the City Manager, Flávio Carvalho, and you can enjoy various on-site benefits such as drinks, snacks, coffees, and other amenities.

    VIP Lounge in Congonha’s Airport, São Paulo

    In Rio de Janeiro, boarding or disembarking takes place in Flapper’s VIP Lounge. Located at Jacarepaguá Airport, accessed by Ayrton Senna Avenue, 2541, at Rua D. You will be welcomed by the City Manager of Rio de Janeiro, Manoel Assunção, and you will enjoy the same amenities as in São Paulo.

    Both Lounges offer maximum comfort and tranquility to passengers. Ten minutes before takeoff, passengers are directed to the aircraft for boarding. After an explanation of flight safety procedures by the crew, your trip will begin. Flapper reservations do not have marked seats, so if you want a specific place, call your City Manager in advance. To book your flight with Flapper, you must provide your RG number, or a valid foreign document, according to ANAC guidelines.

    Flapper’s VIP Lounge in Rio de Janeiro

    About King Air B200 GT

    The King Air B200GT is one of the safest models on the market today, the only one in Brazil that is approved to transport the President of the United States in case of emergency. The Flapper flight is performed by the operator UniAir, which has spectacular safety ratings, on the PR-UNI prefix. This aircraft has an additional certification for scheduled operations, in addition to air taxi homologation, under the RBAC 135.

    King Air B200GT

    The King Air B200GT features a distinctive seating configuration for seven passengers, with the seventh seat facing forward, ensuring more comfort for everyone on board. Providing retractable tables inside, passengers can enjoy the convenience to use their laptops or taste the snacks offered on board.

    Its cabin is quiet and spacious, defining this model as the most successful of its class. The aircraft is modernized with the latest Garmin 1000 avionics, providing more safety during all weather conditions. In addition, its two Pratt & Whitney PT6 engines are the most widely used on turboprop aircraft, due to their outstanding performance and safety. It’s an ideal model for shared flights and executive charters, especially for short-haul airports.

    King Air B200GT seat map

    About Flapper

    Flapper is Brazil’s first boutique private airline and a regional leader for charter flights. Our partner fleet counts 212 aircraft in Brazil and more than 4000 elsewhere. We are known for our passion for excellence and technology innovation. It’s a pleasure to serve you.

    Our Services: Aircraft Charter

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