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    The Island of Capri is one of the most popular destinations for those who want to enjoy the natural beauty and Italian culture. Situated on the Gulf of Naples, it offers a wide range of tourist attractions, including stunning beaches, sea caves and fascinating historical sites. One of the best options for reaching Capri is by taking an air taxi flight. This alternative is an excellent opportunity to land on the island without long queues for commercial flights.

    What to do in Capri

    Divided into two “villages”, Capri and Anacapri, the island manages to offer a wide range of hotels, resorts, restaurants and international brand stores in a cozy way. Famous not only for its enchanting landscapes, it stands out in the tourist scene, providing several attractions for those seeking refuge from the hectic Italian cities.

    The place that today is a luxury destination, attracting world celebrities, was once a simple fishing village. In the 19th century, English and Germans began to frequent it, enchanted by the beauty of the emerald green sea, from then on, fishermen began to rent boats for sightseeing, currently receiving more than 2 million tourists a year.

    One of the most popular attractions is the Blue Grotto, an underwater cave with crystalline water that reflects an intense blue light, a true spectacle of nature!

    For those who enjoy culture, there are many historical and architectural sites. In the heart of the medieval city of Capri is the Piazzetta, an elegant open-air living room. This square, in front of an old church, has typical restaurants, ideal for tasting a delicious ravioli caprese stuffed with caciotta cheese and fresh marjoram, served with tomato sauce. Another tip is to try after dinner an iced limoncello, made from the zest of local lemons, often made at home, based on a family recipe.

    Capri is also known for its high standard gastronomy with authentic and tasty dishes that are reflected in the well-known culinary traditions of the local culture. There are options for all tastes, from more rustic dishes to more refined menus that you can choose from in the various restaurants by the sea.

    The region’s wine, in particular, arouses the curiosity of those who visit. Produced on the island itself and in the surrounding region, the vines have been cultivated for almost 3,000 years, and the wines, mostly white, made from Falanghina and Biancolella grapes, bring all the refinement that the island of Capri has to offer.

    Capri offers several options of sophisticated and cozy hotels for those who want to stay in the city. If you like to enjoy the sun, hotels standing on the sand are an excellent choice, as they offer services by the sea. However, for those who prefer the classic glamor of Capri, there are fabulous options for cliff-top hotels with sea-view pools and renowned restaurants.

    Airports and Helipads


    Capri Airport [PRJ, LIQC] is a small venue offering general and business aviation services. It is located in the town of Anacapri, in the western part of the island, accessible by boat or helicopter. Despite its size, it is quite busy during the summer months as it offers direct flights to popular destinations in Italy and other European countries.

    Upon arrival at Capri Airport, you can enjoy stunning views of the island and the Mediterranean Sea. There are several transport options available to get you to your final destination, such as taxis, buses and boats.

    For those wanting to arrive by helicopter, the airport has an attached helipad, a convenient option for those wanting to reach the island of Capri quickly and directly. It is important to remember that Capri’s helipad is mainly dedicated to business aviation and that the number of daily take-offs and landings allowed may be limited. Therefore, it is always recommended to check the availability of flights and schedules in advance.

    If you are planning to visit this beautiful Italian island, renting an air taxi is a great option, especially during high season months.

    Helicopter transfer from Rome to Capri

    One of the routes most used by those who want to visit the island of Capri is from Rome Urbe Airport (LIRU). Located in the northern part of Rome, this airport is dedicated to general and executive aviation, and has a fully structured helipad to receive passengers.

    Aircraft available for itinerary

    Bell 427

    This twin-engine helicopter is extremely comfortable and features a spacious cabin and high safety standards. With the capacity to carry 6 passengers, it offers state-of-the-art interiors, advanced avionics and composite fuselage, providing a smooth and silent journey. In addition, the spacious luggage compartment accommodates 3 large or 6 medium-sized suitcases. With a range of 325 NM (602 km), the Bell 427 is ideal for long distance travel.


    The single-engine helicopter is specially designed for tourist and VIP missions. The spacious cabin is capable of comfortably accommodating up to 7 passengers, all in a forward facing configuration. In addition, the standard air conditioning system, Bose headphones and leather seats complement the interior of this magnificent executive helicopter.

    Agusta A109

    This helicopter is considered one of the best choices for VIP transport. The aircraft is equipped with a quiet, vibration-free cabin to ensure greater passenger comfort. It has six leather seats, and an easily accessible external luggage compartment that holds three suitcases and three carry-on bags.

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