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    Do you want a little taster of how James Bond lives? Perhaps purchasing a Bombardier Challenger 605 is your best option. Used in the film “Quantum of Solace”, starring English actor Daniel Craig, this executive jet is one of the most spacious and luxuriously equipped aircraft in the heavy jet category – with all the sophistication that the world’s most famous secret agent demands.

    Widely recognized, the Challenger 605 is consequently one of the most sought-after aircraft not only for charters, but also in the sector for the purchase and sale of jets, of which Flapper is now part.

    We are talking about a variation of the “Series 600” from Bombardier, which over the years has also developed the famous models 600, 601, 604 and 650. Find out more about the Challenger 605 below.

    In total, depending on the internal configuration, the aircraft can accommodate up to 12 people, with an impressive ceiling height for each of them. One of the most common configurations is four single seats in club seating, another two double seats facing each other and a leather sofa for four passengers. As these are retractable seats, as well as tables, the 12 seats can be transformed into five beds, providing more comfort on long journeys.

    Major routes are possible, as the Challenger 605 can make domestic and international flights of more than 7 thousand kilometers without stops. The wide range makes it ideal for itineraries out of the country or for long business trips.

    For those who choose to contract a good catering service, the kitchen facilities of this aircraft guarantee an excellent service. It is fully equipped and also has a microwave oven and coffee maker. The aircraft is also prepared to offer in-flight services and flight attendants.

    Technical sheet of the Bombardier Challenger 605

    Find out all the technical specifications of this model.

    Cruise speed: 850 kph

    Maximum operating speed: Mach 0.85

    Take-off distance: 1.168 meters

    Engines: General Electric CF34-3B

    Maximum load capacity: 2,199 kg

    Maximum Operating Altitude: 41,000 feet (12,496 meters)

    Range: 7,600 km.

    Crew: Two pilots

    Passengers: 9

    Luggage volume: 3.2 m³

    Cabin height: 1.85 meters

    How the Bombardier Challenger 605 was born

    The whole concept of the “600 Series” was developed in the 1970s, within the Canadair company. It is a project from the famous American entrepreneur and inventor Bill Lear, who became more famous for another of his creations: the Learjet.

    The first model – the 600 – came into play in 1980.

    Despite the growth in sales of the model after this change took place, the small volume of sales at the launch of the series contributed to a financial crisis for Canadair, which was, in 1986, acquired by Bombardier Aerospace – which not only continued to operate the Challenger how it financed the development of new models and derivatives, such as the already mentioned 604 and 650, in addition to “our” 605.

    The Challenger’s great success was an important part of Bombardier’s stability, which in recent decades has been able to invest in other relevant aircraft models, such as the CRJ100 series and the Global Express.

    It is estimated that, over these more than four decades of existence, the Challenger “Series 600” has sold more than 1,000 units around the world. In a count carried out in 2018, 611 of these aircraft operated in North America, 151 in Europe, 93 in Latin America, 78 in Asia, 37 in Africa and 23 in the Middle East.

    Get your Bombardier Challenger 605 with Flapper

    Did you know that you can become the owner of a Bombardier Challenger 605 with the help of Flapper? Entering our sales platform, available via website or app, you can check out this and other models that are being marketed by our team.

    This is the latest offering from Flapper, which in recent years has made executive aviation and air taxi more popular among Brazilians from different social classes, and is the first on demand marketplace in this sector throughout the country. With the increasing interest in the acquisition of these aircraft, we have also entered into this new sector.

    Our standards and objectives have stayed the same: to give the customer what they want, securely and without any cause for concern. How do we do this? First, with a consulting process during the pre-sale phase, talking to the customer and understanding what their needs are. Once we have decided on the best way to proceed, the entire procurement process is done by us, we offer full aircraft checks before the transaction is closed and we take responsibility for the international transfer of aircraft and helicopters.

    There are dozens of options available for all investment profiles. For more information about aircraft sales or if you have any questions, just contact:

    Our Services: Aicraft Sales

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