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    Aircraft Charter / Executive Jets: Check Out The Models With The Longest Range

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    Long-range aircraft are able to cross the Atlantic or reach the United States in comfort and safety.

    Anyone who thinks that executive aviation is intended only for short and domestic journeys is wrong. With the right executive jet, intercontinental itineraries can be carried out with peace of mind, in comfortable, safe, and equipped aircraft so that flight hours are not felt.

    Of course, not all large jets provide the same flexibility as smaller aircraft, but some of the models below can take customers to other countries with much more agility and comfort than commercial aviation. With these aircraft, who chooses the time and place of the flight is the passenger and not the airline. In addition, the experience in one of these planes is, at the very least, of refinement, if not pure luxury. Below, we list some of the options available for charters on the Flapper platform. Check it out below!

    Longer-Range Business Jet Models

    Gulfstream G550 – 12.501 km

    Of the aircraft that Flapper and its partners work with, the Gulfstream G550 has the longest range. It is an executive jet with the highest level of sophistication on the market. With it, you can travel from Brazil to the United States or Europe, in a cabin that combines luxury and productivity. There are four distinct sections internally, accommodating up to 18 passengers, which have a home entertainment system, beverage center, reserved sink, full kitchen, sofa, and many other amenities.

    Bombardier Global Express – 11.112 km

    Next up is this jet that revolutionized the ultra-long-range aircraft market, combining the most comfortable cabin category possible with enviable performance. The Bombardier model has a supercritical profile and its wing design provides a great range without impeding short runway operation. Thus, it is possible to perform takeoffs and approach at low speeds. There is capacity for up to 12 passengers, which have a folding table, full kitchen, coffee maker, reading light, and many other benefits.

    Bombardier Challenger 604 – 7.452 km

    An updated version of the Challenger 600, this large Canadian jet packs more fuel and has more powerful engines. Thus, it is possible not only to go further, but also to travel faster. Its spacious cabin takes up to 12 passengers in exceptional comfort. It is a favorite among both business and leisure travelers.

    Embraer Legacy 650 – 7.223 km

    The main Brazilian model on this list, the Legacy 650 is the answer when the mission demands comfort and distance. Considered Embraer’s best product, it is the most luxurious jet that Flapper works with, with a kitchen ready to satisfy even the most peculiar palates. It holds up to 13 passengers, in a cabin that can become whatever you want: a flying office, a club, or a recreation center. Its spacious interior is divided into three areas and holds the largest amount of luggage in its class. In addition, its 22 windows guarantee the model an exceptionally clear flight.

    Bombardier Challenger 605 – 7.101 km

    Despite being an update compared to the aforementioned 604, this model has a slightly smaller range. Its differential is the luxurious and silent cabin – the widest in the category. Its lower windows combined with an impressive ceiling height offer a privileged view for up to 12 passengers. There are sofas, recliners, full kitchens, and more on the Challenger 605, established as a solid alternative to Gulfstream aircraft for international flights and business travel.

    Embraer Legacy 600 – 5.955 km

    Another Brazilian model, from which the 650 was developed. This version has a shorter range, but still has a cabin capable of satisfying even the most demanding customers. Its interior provides an extremely relaxing journey for up to 13 passengers, which can be divided into up to three sections. In addition to the full kitchen with coffee maker, there are sofas and oversized tables, making it an ideal choice for those looking to bring work to their itineraries.

    Bombardier Challenger 300 – 5.800 km

    The 300 series set the standard for midsize jets. It is a fast and comfortable aircraft that can get in and out of places where most larger jets cannot operate. Thus, it is ideal for those looking for more flexibility in their plans. It will be easier to organize that weekend getaway, for example, taking passengers as close to their destination as possible. Its spacious cabin can accommodate up to eight people and is equipped with a kitchen and private bathroom.

    Cessna Citation Sovereign – 5.800 km

    This Cessna model is recent and is among the main ones in the midsize jet segment, carrying up to eight passengers in comfortable seats. It uses Primus glass cockpit avionics, being powered by two Pratt & Whitney engines with FADEC controls, allowing unprecedented safety and control. It is capable of landing on short runways of up to 1.06 km, climbing faster and flying farther than any of its competitors. It is equipped with a luxurious kitchen, large seating, fully enclosed bathroom, and entertainment systems.

    Hawker 850XP – 5.018 km

    It’s the third generation of the popular 800 series, this time with improved performance and winglets that provide an extra 160km range and faster climb time. It is a large and comfortable jet, ideal for business and leisure trips. Also an excellent option on trips to cross Brazil. It features a luxurious club seating arrangement, with adjustable seats and ample foot space. There are up to nine passengers comfortably on this aircraft, which has a partial kitchen, lavatory, and other benefits.

    Reserve now

    This list is a good start to start planning your trip. From there, you can decide whether you prefer a more luxurious jet or a more productive one. You will know if a particular plane is more suitable for traveling with friends or for business flights. Or even if the cabin has all the benefits and services you want.

    Knowing which of the jets best suits your needs, the next step is to access the Flapper application or website, where you can make instant quotes. You will be able to customize departure and arrival dates and locations, allowing the flight to fit perfectly into your routine.

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