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    With more than 50 aircraft adapted to transportation of high-value goods in Latin America, Flapper is a regional leader in the valuable cargo segment. We count the most diverse and safe fleet and operate in several sectors, including:

    • Banking: we transport banknotes, coins and lottery tickets
    • High-net-worth individuals: transport of jewelry, fine arts, collector wines, precious stones, stamps and exotic assets
    • Mining: gold, silver, metals and high-value raw materials
    • Diplomacy and international organizations: confidential documents and other restricted items
    • Other special freights: From international numismatic items to luxury cars.

    Our experienced team of air transport coordinators will obtain the necessary permissions from the authorities, for domestic and international flights alike. Using technology as our ally, we will send you an automated charter quote and itinerary. Flapper’s internal processes follow the security measures established by ANAC under RBAC 108.63, known as Air transportation of valuables. Accordingly, the flights are being carried out in airplanes specially adapted to high-value cargo transport ​​and we follow specific procedures for the submission of flight plan to the authorities.

    High-Value Cargo: Chartering an Aircraft

    We offer affordable and versatile piston- and turbo-prop aircraft capable of landing on the shortest runways, as well as large commercial aircraft. The models listed below are available for on-demand flights and long-term contracts:

    Embraer Navajo

    Cargo load:700 – 1.000 kg
    Cargo volume:3 m³
    Range:1875 km
    Cruise speed:337 km/h

    Cessna Caravan Grand

    Cargo load:1.490 – 1.780 kg
    Cargo volume:3 – 9 m³
    Range:1785 km
    Cruise speed:270 km/h

    Aero Commander

    Cargo load:640 kg
    Cargo volume:5 m³
    Range:1.800 kg
    Cruise speed:300 km/h

    Piper Cheyenne

    Cargo load:5 m³
    Cargo volume:450 kg
    Range:2.739 km
    Cruise speed:393 km/h

    Embraer Bandeirante

    Cargo load:1.747 kg
    Cargo volume:20 m³
    Range:2.967 km
    Cruise speed:392 km/h

    Boeing 727 Freighter

    Cargo load:24.040 kg
    Cargo volume:186.2 m³
    Range:4.720 km
    Cruise speed:830 km/h

    Why book your next flight with Flapper

    Flapper is a highly acclaimed company that has brought together 30,000 content clients from all over the world. Booking a flight with Flapper is much more than just a transaction. It’s a trip to explore executive aviation from a new point of view. We are rated “Excellent” on TrustPilot and maintain impeccable safety records.

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    We offer a personalized service in different countries, 100% adapted to your needs.

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    Thanks to our technology, we are able to respond quickly and offer numerous payment options.

    Wide array of options

    Choose from over 100 different types of jets, helicopters and turboprops.


    Do you prefer to contact us via Email or Whatsapp to personalize your itinerary? Just click the button below. Your private aircraft is just a click away!

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