• Fleet of executive jets increases almost 10% between 2021 and 2022

    Aircraft Charter / Fleet of executive jets increases almost 10% between 2021 and 2022

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    Brazilian executive aviation continues to grow strongly. When analyzing the advance in the number of general aviation aircraft, we came across the following number: there were 60 executive jets added to the national fleet between April 2021 and the same month of 2022, representing an increase of 8.7%.

    According to data released by ABAG (Brazilian Association of General Aviation), the number of executive jets already registered this year reached 749, compared to 689 april 2021.

    The increase in the number of aircraft in the Brazilian fleet reinforces the maxim that the sector has managed to overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic, innovating and adapting to the new conditions. The increase in demand for air transport, closed groups and cargo had already boosted the number of executive flights in the middle of the COVID-19 era.

    General aviation

    Considering other sectors of general aviation – encompassing all flight modalities excluding those of airlines and military – the increase in the national fleet was 2.5% in the period from April 2021 to April 2022, starting from 9,163 and reaching 9,433 aircraft, totaling 270 new aircraft.

    In the 34 airports monitored by ABAG, the number of landings and takeoffs in April 2022 reached 32,000. In the first quarter of the year, there were 120,000 moves. A promising number when compared to the total landings and takeoffs of 2021, 350,000 or 2020, 281,000. This indicates a growth trend in the accumulated 2022.

    More data

    There are other indicators that prove the good moment of Brazilian aviation: the number of turboprops grew 12.9%, jumping from 1295 to 1462 registered aircraft.

    Among the turbine-powered helicopters, the increase was 6.1%, from 1000 aircraft registered in April 2021 to 1061 in the same month of 2022. Aviation gasoline consumption has already reached the pre-pandemic level, while kerosene consumption has grown compared to 2021, but remains below the 2020 level.

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