• How much does it cost to rent a private jet in Punta del Este in 2024?

    Aircraft Charter / How much does it cost to rent a private jet in Punta del Este in 2024?

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    Located on the Atlantic coast of Uruguay, Punta del Este emerges as an oasis of sophistication and natural beauty in South America. Known for its stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife and elegant architecture, this seaside destination wins hearts with its cosmopolitan atmosphere and exclusive. Punta del Este is more than a coastal city, it is a refuge for travelers seeking a unique combination of luxury, culture and leisure. Are you planning a visit to the trendy city? Find out in this article how much it costs to rent a private jet in Punta del Este in 2024.

    Cost of Renting an Aircraft in Punta del Este in 2024

    The cost of renting a private jet in Punta del Este is influenced by factors such as the cost per flight hour, landing fees, FBO (VIP terminal) presence, overflight fees, overnight costs, and extras such as catering or Wi-Fi. Fi. These elements define the travel experience and total value. Understanding these factors allows travelers to personalize their journeys, balancing efficiency and comfort.

    Discover Punta del Este airport

    Laguna del Sauce Capitán C. Curbelo International Airport (SULS/PDP), near Punta del Este, stands out for its two runways of 1600m and 2140m, providing operational flexibility. With three Fixed Base Operators (FBO) and a team of 12 handling agents, the airport offers specialized services, ensuring a premium experience for executive aviation. Additionally, its dedicated immigration and customs facilities contribute to efficient and smooth operations for corporate travelers.

    Most quoted routes

    The values below were calculated based on averages from Flapper’s internal air charter inventory, with more than 2,000 aircraft, including commercially licensed planes and helicopters.

    Taking the above variables into consideration, the cost of renting an aircraft in Punta del Este starts at USD 1,830 for the Robinson R44 for 3 passengers flying from Montevideo. For international routes, such as Porto Alegre, the price starts at USD 7,100 on the King Air 100 for 7 passengers.

    Montevideo – Punta del Este

    Minimum Price: From USD 1,830 ( Robinson R44 )

    Maximum price: From USD 6,330 ( Learjet 35A )

    Flight time: 20min – 30min

    Buenos Aires – Punta del Este

    Minimum Price: From USD 3,660 ( Robinson R66 )

    Maximum Price: From USD 18,400 ( Gulfstream G450 )

    Flight time: 30min – 1h30

    Porto Alegre – Punta del Este

    Minimum Price: From USD 7,100 ( King Air 100 )

    Maximum Price: From USD 32,410 ( Gulfstream G450 )

    Flight time: 1h – 1h50

    São Paulo – Punta del Este

    Minimum Price: From USD 16,010 ( Learjet 31A )

    Maximum Price: From USD 82,500 ( Global Express )

    Flight time: 2h15 – 3h

    Brasilia – Punta del Este

    Minimum Price: From USD 17,570 ( Citation Ultra )

    Maximum Price: From USD 108,680 ( Global Express )

    Flight time: 3h – 4h15

    Bogotá – Punta del Este

    Minimum Price: From USD 36,070 ( Learjet 31A ) – One stop for refueling

    Maximum Price: From USD 163,030 ( Gulfstream GV )

    Flight time: 5h30 – 7h

    Other Routes to Punta del Este:

    Mexico City (MMTO) – Punta del Este (SULS)

    Miami (KOPF) – Punta del Este (SULS)

    New York (KTEB) – Punta del Este (SULS)

    Lisbon (LPPT) – Punta del Este (SULS)

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