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    Traveling around Brazil or even to other continents without having to worry about buying tickets, flight schedule, time-consuming check-in procedures or queues at airports, in addition to privacy and comfort, are known advantages of executive aviation. And a few lucky ones can say that not only do they travel by jet, but they own their own.

    Among great businessmen, artists and athletes, the list of private aircraft owners is not very extensive. To get an idea, it is estimated that there are more than 50 million millionaires on the planet, but the number of private planes registered by little exceeds 20,000.

    Let’s meet some of the aircraft of Brazilian and foreign celebrities:

    Gusttavo Lima – Bombardier Global Express

    The star of the country Gusttavo Lima is fond of the jets – reportedly the Bombardier Global Express, the singer’s fourth aircraft has an impressive range of 11,400 kilometers and the capacity to carry up to 13 passengers comfortably and with plenty of luxury on board.

    Ivete Sangalo – Cessna Citation 560XL

    One of the most beloved artists in Brazil, Ivete Sangalo can already afford to make fewer presentations than at the height of her career, when the schedule was always crowded. Even so, jet trips are more comfortable and allow the gain of time necessary for the singer to be close to the family. Today, Ivete travels aboard the Cessna Citation 560XL, the second plane of bahian life and the same model already used by DJ Alok.

    Luan Santana – Cessna Citation CJ3

    One of the biggest names in the country, Luan Santana is already on his second private plane – he exchanged a Cessna 560 Citation V for the Citation CJ3, from the same company. According to Luan, he wanted a more comfortable and quiet aircraft, as the vast majority of his flights are made between one show and another and he tries to rest while traveling.

    The Citation CJ3 has capacity for 10 people and 3,400 kilometers in range.

    Neymar – Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign

    Another famous who has even changed jets is Neymar. The star divides the time between training, matches and many commercial commitments, moving through differentcountries in Europe and Brazil.

    Currently, Neymar travels with the Cessna Citation Sovereign, a jet with a capacity of up to 12 passengers and can travel at 850 km/h on a cruise flight. On the other hand, the autonomy of 5,400 km is not enough for the athlete to travel from France to Brazil without refueling.

    Roberto Carlos – Gulfstream G280

    With more than 50 years of success to call his own, King Roberto Carlos has dedicated the last few years to many presentations on cruises. When not at sea, however, it is on board the Gulfstream G280 that the singer usually travels for professional appointments or even to vacation in Brazil or other continents.

    The G280 has a capacity of up to 10 passengers, has a range of 6,667 km of flight and reaches 850 km/h on a cruise flight.

    Zé Felipe – Cessna Citation I

    Singer Zé Felipe, famous for brega funk hits, moves between his shows aboard the Cessna Citation I, a twin-engine jet with a capacity for up to 5 passengers. The Jet surprises by the performance, being able to land on runways 1200m long, being able to fly up to 2500 kilometers, with a cruising speed of 661 km/h

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