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    Cuba is an iconic destination, full of culture, history and natural beauty. Considered the largest island in the Caribbean, the place is famous for its crystal-clear beaches, classic cars, colonial-era architecture and lively music scene. Despite the various complexities surrounding the region’s airline sector, including barriers created by current geopolitical circumstances, Flapper has been selling on-demand charter flights to the country since 2016.

    What to do in Cuba

    Cuba offers a wide variety of tourist attractions and activities to travelers. In Havana, the country’s capital, we find historic buildings, excellent cuisine, as well as a lively nightlife. Taking a walk along the Malecón, a seafront promenade, is an unmissable trip. On Varadero beach, enjoy the Caribbean sun and the crystal-clear sea. Sailing lovers can rent yachts to sail in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

    Furthermore, the region is known for its tobacco plantations and cigar production. There are guided farm tours to learn about the manufacturing process. The city of Viñales is one of the most popular places for visitors who want to try legitimate Cuban cigars.

    Airports in Cuba

    Cuba has an extensive network of around 30 public aerodromes, providing a broad and accessible airport infrastructure for air traffic, to connect travelers to different parts of the island. Among them, the main airports are:

    Jose Marti International Airport (MUHA/HAV)

    José Martí International Airport (MUHA/HAV), located 20 km south of Havana, is the country’s main gateway. It is the largest Cuban airport, housing seven Fixed-Base Operators (FBOs) , which provide high-quality services for executive aviation.

    Antonio Maceo International Airport (MUCU/SCU)

    Antonio Maceo International Airport (MUCU/SCU), located just 6 km south of the city of Santiago de Cuba, has three Fixed-Base Operators (FBOs) to meet the needs of passengers on private flights on demand.

    Aircraft to fly to Cuba:

    Citation XLS

    The Citation XLS , an improved version of the famous Citation Excel , stands out for its spacious cabin, designed to accommodate between seven and nine passengers in comfort. In addition to the fully reclining leather seats, the configuration often includes a side sofa and ample storage space. With a generous 2.3 cubic feet of luggage capacity and internal locker, this Cessna offers convenient storage solutions. The cabin provides sufficient height for standing and two air conditioning systems ensure passenger comfort. Other amenities include folding tables, adjustable headrests and an entertainment system, complemented by a well-equipped kitchen.

    Citation VII

    The Citation VII is an executive jet developed by Cessna, offering performance and luxury. Her spacious design comfortably accommodates up to eight passengers, with reclining leather seats and an equipped galley. With entertainment and climate control systems, as well as ample luggage capacity, the Citation VII is a good choice for executive flights.

    Hawker 800

    The Hawker 800 represents a remarkable balance between performance and convenience. Its cabin, which accommodates up to eight passengers, is characterized by its generous space and reclining leather seats, accompanied by a galley. This jet offers efficiency in terms of range, making it ideal for medium-haul flights. Entertainment features, an onboard bathroom and ample baggage capacity complement the in-flight experience.

    Falcon 2000S

    The Falcon 2000S , an improved version of the Falcon 2000 , stands out for its ability to land on short runways, requiring just 705 meters (2312 feet). This expands your accessibility by 50% compared to your competitors. Although it has a slightly shorter range compared to the Falcon 2000 LXS , at 6269 km (3385 ft), the aircraft offers luxurious accommodation for up to 10 passengers in a spacious cabin, measuring 1.88 meters in height. In addition to interior design refinements, the Falcon 2000S has exclusive features such as Wi-Fi, full kitchen, entertainment system and bathroom. Honeywell Easy II avionics and modern P&W 308C engines contribute to safe and efficient flight performance.

    Suggested routes:

    Manaus – Havana

    Aircraft: Citation VII

    Passengers: 8

    Flight time: 5h45

    Bogotá – Havana

    Aircraft: Falcon 2000S

    Passengers: 10

    Flight time: 3h25

    Mexico City – Santiago de Cuba

    Aircraft: Hawker 800

    Passengers: 9

    Flight time: 3h20

    Panama City – Santiago de Cuba

    Aircraft: Citation XLS

    Passengers: 8

    Flight time: 2h15

    Air taxi in Cuba with Flapper

    Now that you know everything about Cuba’s main attractions and how Flapper can take you there, it’s time to book your trip. By clicking on any of the simulations in the text, you will be redirected to our charter platform, where you can find out more details about the operations.

    These are just some examples, on our website or app you can customize your trip to the smallest detail, choosing days and times, helicopter or plane model, boarding and landing airfields and much more.

    In addition to the air taxi in Cuba, with Flapper you can explore the whole of Europe, as well as other continents. We have a network of partnerships around the world and local teams based in the main cities around the world to ensure that the operation always maintains our level of excellence, wherever it is.

    We also work with seat reservations on shared flights and with aircraft that make fixed destinations – you can check them out on our platform. As if that weren’t enough, Flapper is also in the aircraft buying and selling market, not only running the business, but offering consultancy and other services to its customers. We are a reference in the on-demand marketplace in Brazilian executive aviation. To travel for tourism or corporate flights, contact us! Send a message to:

    Our Services: Aircraft Charter

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