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    Chartering an air taxi in Trancoso can be a great opportunity to get to know this small village, which stands out as one of the most beautiful beaches on the extensive and beautiful coast of Bahia. Receiving thousands of tourists throughout the year, this district belonging to the municipality of Porto Seguro is one of the most popular destinations in Brazil.

    Local fame does not come from today. Founded in the 16th century by Jesuits, the village became nationally known in the 1970s, when it was discovered by young people. Soon, that small group of houses around a church became one of the most visited places in the country and the growth was great.

    Currently, the place is known mainly for the beaches. There are 10 of them, the most famous being Praia dos Coqueiros and Praia do Espelho. Another highlight of Trancoso is the Festa de São Sebastião, celebrated on the 20th of January, which brings together tourists and locals in a big celebration. On this day, men carry a wooden pole at least ten meters high and the flag of São Sebastião on top, replacing the previous year’s flag.

    Airports in Trancoso

    Despite being a small village, Trancoso is prepared to receive tourists via air taxi. The main location for this is Terravista Airport [TVT; SBTV], dedicated exclusively to executive aircraft operations. In operation since 2006, it is located within a complex of the same name, where there is a condominium of houses, a golf course, a theater and a club.

    It has a paved runway of 1,500m illuminated for landings and takeoffs at night. Its structure is wide, allowing the presence of all types of aircraft, from the smallest to large jets. It also serves Caraíva, another small coastal town.

    Another option much sought after by air taxi customers in the city is the helipad at the Hotel Fasano Trancoso, a large accommodation complex in front of Praia de Itapororoca. There are also other helipads such as FlyClub Trancoso and Sítio Praia Patimirim.

    Porto Seguro – Trancoso: one of the most requested routes

    One of the main routes when it comes to air taxis in Trancoso is within the city of Porto Seguro, with flights departing from the part closest to the city center and heading to the village. The distance is about 30 kilometers and the journey is made by helicopter. Depending on the aircraft, the flight can vary between 15 and 25 minutes.

    One of the most used models on this route is the Airbus EC130 B4, a single engine tailor-made for tourist tours and VIP missions. Its spacious cabin comfortably accommodates up to seven passengers and its large luggage compartments make the luggage space up to 40% larger than that of aircraft of this category. It also has Fenestron’s silent Fan-in-fin tail rotor, which makes it extremely discreet when flying over urban areas, air conditioning system, Bose headphones and leather seats.

    Another ideal option for this trip is the Airbus Ecureuil, one of the most popular helicopters in its class. It has energy-absorbing adjustable seats and shoulder belts that offer great comfort and safety. All seats face forward, allowing passengers to enjoy the panoramic view offered by the large windows, ideal for disembarking on the coast.

    Air taxi in Trancoso: other routes

    In addition to those who go to Trancoso directly from Porto Seguro, there are tourists who arrive from all over Brazil by executive aviation. Check below some of the options we offer, with suggestions for planes.

    Fortaleza – Trancoso

    Aircraft: Hawker 400A

    Flight time: 2h40

    Passengers: 7

    Rio de Janeiro – Trancoso

    Aircraft: Phenom 100

    Flight time: 1h30

    Passengers: 9

    Salvador – Trancoso

    Aircraft: King Air 350

    Flight time: 1h40

    Passengers: 8

    Belo Horizonte – Trancoso

    Aircraft: Beechcraft King Air C90GTX

    Flight time: 2h

    Passengers: 5

    São Paulo – Trancoso

    Aircraft: Bombardier Global Express

    Flight time: 1h40

    Passengers: 13

    Air taxi in Trancoso with Flapper

    Now that you know everything about Trancoso’s main attractions and how the Flapper can get you there, it’s time to book your trip. By clicking on any of the simulations in the text, you will be redirected to our charter platform, where you will be able to learn more about the operations.

    These are just a few examples, because on our website or application you can customize your trip down to the smallest detail, choosing the day and time, helicopter or plane model, boarding and landing airports, and much more.

    In addition to the Bahian destination, with Flapper you can explore the whole of Brazil, as well as neighboring countries and other continents, such as Mexico or Europe. We have a network of partners around the world and local teams based in the main cities of the globe to ensure that the operation always maintains our level of excellence, wherever it is.

    We also work with seat reservations on shared flights and with aircraft that fly to fixed destinations – you can check it out on our platform. As if that weren’t enough, Flapper is also in the aircraft buying and selling market, not only running the business, but offering consulting and other services to its customers. We are a reference in on-demand marketplace in Brazilian executive aviation. To travel for tourism or corporate flights, contact us! Send a message to


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