• Flight report: from Paris to Milan with Flapper

    Aircraft Charter / Flight report: from Paris to Milan with Flapper

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    In business aviation, a good experience is always memorable, and anyone who flies with Flapper will never forget it. In mid-November, following a recommendation from our clients, two new travelers came to us for the first time with a request: to travel between two of Europe’s largest cities, Milan (Italy) and Paris (France).

    The request could not have been made to anyone more prepared. After all, Flapper has a network of 5,000 aircraft worldwide, with a team ready and waiting, located at strategic points in the Old Continent. Consequently, we were able to excel at fulfilling another request.

    The aircraft chosen: Route Paris – Milan

    Due to the large amount of passenger luggage, the best solution found by our team was to carry out the trip on board a medium-sized jet. Of all the aircraft options available, the one we chose was one of the most popular in the category: the Hawker 800XP, known as the “Cadillac of Corporate Jets.” 

    For this itinerary, the customer was extremely satisfied with the competitive price of the charter, considering the current market values. This is one of the advantages of entrusting your trip to Flapper: we always seek to offer the best executive jet at the best price, prioritizing the safety and comfort of all those involved.

    The differential of the Hawker 800XP is its space and luggage compartment, which is above average. It sits inside the aircraft, allowing easy access to all bags during the flight. In addition, this jet is especially appreciated for its safety and long range, reaching up to 4,800 kilometers.

    All in all, up to eight passengers can be transported comfortably in its cabin, which is full of features that can make a difference during the flight. The jet features a private bathroom, air conditioning, entertainment system, reading light and other amenities. Coffeemakers, microwave ovens and basic kitchen facilities are provided. In relation to catering, another request that Flapper excelled at meeting was a reception with cheese and champagne, which were available throughout the time spent in the air. 

    The itinerary Paris – Milan

    This incredible journey began in the City of Lights, as the French capital is known. The departure took place at 3:00 pm local time from the Astonsky Terminal of Le Bourget – Paris Airport [LBG; LFPB]. This aerodrome is relatively close to the main city airport, Charles de Gaulle Airport [CDG; LFPG], and only operates with executive flights and air taxi. 

    Just one hour later, at 4:00 pm Italian time, the passengers landed at Malpensa Airport [MXP; LIMC], which operates general aviation and commercial aviation flights as well as the famous European low-cost flights. 

    It is located in the borough of Ferno, in the province of Varese, and caters mainly to travelers from Liguria, Piedmont and Lombardy – where Milan is situated. It is located approximately 50 kilometers from the capital of the main region of Italy. The flight was performed by a pilot and a co-pilot. 

    Quotation between Paris and Milan

    Fly with Flapper

    Operating in Brazil, with a network that connects Europe, the United States and Latin America, Flapper is renowned when it comes to executive aviation. We were the first company to offer an online and on-demand marketplace in the sector in the country, and we started operations in 2017. Since then, our operations have expanded winning us more and more customers.

    This has only been possible thanks to the extensive list of partners with whom we operate, we are always making sure we work with the best in the market. This ensures that each member of the onboard staff has all their certificates up to date, and that each aircraft has all its safety permits in force.

    We offer thousands of helicopter and aircraft options, catering to all sizes. You can check each of them on our quotation platform, available through the website or on the app. There, you can simulate flights according to your preferences by selecting everything from the boarding and landing locations up to the aircraft model.

    Browse our catalog and start planning your next trip. With Flapper, your flight – whether for leisure or business – will become an unforgettable, hassle-free, safe and reliable experience. Count on us to plan your itinerary. For more information, please contact our team: 


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