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    Aircraft Charter / A private jet charter in Paraguay – a definitive guide

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    To charter a private jet in Paraguay, one might need to look beyond the borders of this tiny South American country. With just over 3000 air taxi operations a year, Paraguay is considered one of the smallest air charter markets in the region. Stripped of access to the sea and out-competed by neighboring Brazil, Argentina, and Chile as tourism destinations, Paraguay is also the least visited South American country after Guyana and Suriname. Such structural factors, combined with a thriving local trade, have contributed to the creation of the most unique charter market in Latin America – one heavily based on business activity, agriculture, and cargo. Let’s start with key aviation hubs in Paraguay.

    Main airports in Paraguay for charter flights

    There are a total of 50 ICAO- or IATA-certified airports in Paraguay, supported by a network of more than 432 private airstrips homologated by the local civil aviation authority, DINAC. The agency itself administers 11 large airports and collects numerous statistics about their capacity and performance.

    The most popular private jet airports in Paraguay

    Although Paraguay boasts as many as 7 international airports, the majority of incoming flights end up at just two of them: the capital airport of Asunción [SGAS] and Ciudad del Este’s Guarani Airport [SGES], located conveniently next to Iguazu Falls. As a private jet traveler you can do your customs formalities at any international airport, and our experience shows that you can save yourself some time by choosing second-tier airports, including Encarnación [SGEN].

    You can choose secondary international airports in Paraguay for customs instead of going to busy Asunción to save yourself some time while traveling to the country.

    Below you will find a list of the major airports in Paraguay (including all IATA- certified airstrips) together with the complementary information about domestic / international operations. For the full list of DINAC-homologated airstrips go to Pistas Rurales.

    IATAICAOAirport nameCityType
    AGTSGESGuaraniCiudad del EsteIntl.
    ASUSGASSilvio PettirossiAsunciónIntl.
    BFASGBNBahía NegraBahía NegraIntl.
    CIOSGCOTen. Col. Carmelo PeraltaConcep-
    ENOSGENTen. Amin Ayub GonzalezEncarna-
    ESGSGMEMariscal Estigar-
    Mariscal Estigar-
    OLKSGOLFuerte OlimpoFuerte OlimpoDomest.
    PBTPuerto LedaPuerto LedaDomest.
    PCJSGLVPuerto La VictoriaPuerto La VictoriaDomest.
    PJCSGPJDr Augusto Roberto FusterPedro Juan CaballeroIntl.
    SGGRSalto del GuairáSalto del GuairáDomest.
    SGOVCoronel OviedoCoronel OviedoDomest.
    SGSNMayor Von ZastrowSan PedroDomest.

    Helipads in Paraguay are not a big deal

    There are 8 helipads in Paraguay, out of which 4 are located in the capital city of Asunción. The most famous heliports are Edificio Miami in Asunción and Helipuerto de Encarnación, located in the southern city of the same name.

    Helipuerto Edificio Miami
    Due to the lack of high-rise buildings and short distances between the cities, helipads aren’t popular in Paraguay

    The certification of helipads in Paraguay follow global safety standards. There are clear rules related to construction (categories of H1, H2, H3), type of aircraft, and approach. Yet, a lack of heavy traffic and short distances between the cities didn’t help in boosting the local heliport infrastructure. Today, helicopter charters in Paraguay are usually focused on panoramic flights and visits to haciendas outside of the big cities.

    You won’t find a single private jet for charter in Paraguay

    Perhaps due to the short distances between the country’s main commercial hubs, the Paraguayan air taxi fleet doesn’t include a single jet aircraft. Typically, customers looking to charter a private jet in Paraguay are therefore offered an aircraft repositioned from Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, or Chile.

    The local air taxi fleet in Paraguay is composed of 10 certified aircraft, including turbo-props and piston aircraft, namely: Caravan 208B, Cessna 402, Cessna 411, and Baron 58, as well as helicopter Bell Jet Ranger.

    There are four air taxi companies in Paraguay

    As of January 2020, there are four active air taxi companies, with at least one more operator with pending approval, according to DINAC. At least four other companies have recently left the market and now focus on flight training and maintenance services.

    Since nearly all flights depart from Asunción International Airport, it is likely that your aircraft will also be positioned here at the moment of your quote. Depending on the day, you might also benefit from aircraft availability at Ciudad del Este and Encarnación.

    Jet Ranger in Asunción - private jet charter alternative in Paraguay

    Business aviation in Paraguay is safe

    Paraguay boast a high general aviation safety record. According to the Bureau of Aircraft Accidents and other data available online, there were 10 accidents in Paraguay in the last 15 years, none of which involved a charter operator. The local center of accidents prevention (CIPAA – DINAC) forms part of the regional body of the AIG Regional Cooperation Mechanism (ARCM), which supports its members states in all matters related to accident prevention and data sharing.

    Charter a Private Jet in Paraguay (or a turbo-prop!)

    With over 50 combined years of experience, the Flapper team is uniquely positioned to offer you a safe and reliable charter service in Paraguay. All the aircraft below are operated certified air carriers (Part 135) and were safety-vetted by our operational safety department.

    Cessna 208B Caravan

    Year of make: 2014. Capacity: 12 passengers. Type: turbo-prop

    Flight time Asunción – Ciudad del Este: 1 hour 17 minutes

    This recent version of the iconic Caravan Grand is equipped with 12 passenger seats (4 rows of 3 seats each) and possess the newest and most advanced avionics from Garmin. With an excellent safety record and next-generation integrated flight decks, this aircraft is ideal for leisure flights and group flights to Ciudad del Este, Encarnación, or Gran Chaco.

    Baron 58

    Year of make: 1979. Capacity: 5 passengers. Type: turbo-prop

    Flight time Asunción – Ciudad del Este: 1 hour 3 minutes

    Considered one of the best-selling twin-engine aircraft in the world, the Beech 58 is often chosen by our customers as the preferred choice for landing at haciendas and airstrips with short runways. Its structure is robust while the two Continental engines make the Baron 58 faster and more comfortable than its main competitor: Seneca.

    Cessna 402B Businessliner

    Year of make: 1974. Capacity: 8 passengers. Type: piston

    Flight time Asunción – Ciudad del Este: 1 hour 6 minutes

    Businessliner is a refined version of a popular Cessna 401 and offers an enhanced engine performance. This eight-seat unpressurized aircraft is ideal for short leisure trips within Paraguay. It’s known for its versatile luggage space and offers a fast and economic charter option. The airplane boasts easy access into the cabin and is homologated for cargo transportation.

    Cessna 402C Businessliner II

    Year of make: 1981. Capacity: 8 passengers. Type: piston

    Flight time Asunción – Ciudad del Este: 1 hour

    This refined seven-seater flagship Cessna model can be operated by one or two pilots. Beautiful cream colored soft seats are configured in a commuter layout, enabling higher passenger capacity for corporate teams and families alike. Additionally, the modifications in the 402C model allow for increased takeoff weight and cargo load, bringing more efficiency to passenger flights and cargo missions.

    Bell Jet Ranger 206B

    Year of make: 1982. Capacity: 4 passengers. Type: single-engine

    Flight time Asunción – Ciudad del Este: 1 hour 36 minutes

    Bell 206B is a versatile 5-seat (4 passengers and a pilot) light helicopter perfect for both city transportation and longer inter-city flights. Leather seating, deluxe plastics, and shoulder harnesses all provide maximum comfort during your flight, up to 3 hours in duration.

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