• Charter flights from Madrid to Paris. Arrive in less than 2 hours at your destination

    Aircraft Charter / Charter flights from Madrid to Paris. Arrive in less than 2 hours at your destination

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    Undoubtedly, the French capital is a place of desire for lovers of luxury travel. Due to the growing demand for the Madrid – Paris route, on-demand charter flights have become a good alternative for those looking for a very comfortable Premium flight experience.

    Boarding: Madrid-Barajas Airport

    Known for being one of the European airports with the highest flow of flights, Madrid-Barajas Airport [MAD / LEMD] is 12km from the center of the Spanish capital and has a fully capable infrastructure to meet the demand for private jets.

    For the greater convenience of customers, the airport has VIP lounges to ensure extra comfort for passengers and even a customs control with an exclusive police officer inside the terminal itself.

    Destination: Paris-Le Bourget Airport

    Located seven kilometers north of Paris, Paris-Le Bourget Airport [LBG/LFPB] is considered the main business airport in Europe. Since 1980, it has become exclusive to private flights, being one of the first in the world to have this feature.

    With an exceptional FBO (Fixed-Based Operator), this airport is a reference for those looking for an exclusive space, as it offers a complete infrastructure with sophisticated services for passengers. In this way, the moment of boarding and disembarking becomes an unforgettable experience.

    Those arriving at the airport are soon faced with the elegant façade that, despite time, still preserves its original architecture. Another curiosity is to house the Museum of Air and Space. One of the most important and oldest in the world, it has several models of aircraft on display to enrich the experience of those who visit it.

    The fabulous airport is also home to important events and fairs from the most diverse sectors of the European continent. In the area of aviation, we can highlight the Paris Air Show, the largest fair and air show in the world. Held every two years, it brings the latest technologies in the aeronautical industry, new equipment, aircraft engines, cabins and navigation technology.

    Aircraft available for charter: Spain – France

    The search for air taxi is not exclusive to business flights. We also found families and groups of friends looking for on-demand charters for leisure flights.

    To ensure the success of the trip, Flapper has offices located at strategic points in Europe, providing a sophisticated, safe and reliable service, in addition to high quality support throughout the planning of your flight.

    The suggestion of our experienced team for the Madrid – Paris route are jets of the Very Light Jet and Light Jet categories. Remembering that not only the distance between the cities must be taken into account, but also the estimated flight time.

    Our recommendations for this flight:

    Phenom 100

    Citation CJ2

    Citation CJ3

    Phenom 300

    About Flapper

    For years being a reference as an online and on-demand executive aviation marketplace in Brazil, Flapper has increasingly strengthened its presence in other countries and continents. It is, after all, the best option for chartering flights or booking air taxis in Iberian countries such as Portugal and Spain in a safe, practical and agile way, guaranteeing a unique experience.

    Flapper works with the best partners available in each of the practice plazas, requiringteams, pilots and aircraft to have all training, safety and maintenance certifications up to time.

    To book your trip, simply access our quote platform on the website or in the app and explore all the options. You can choose the dates and locations that best suit your interests and discover the hundreds of aircraft available. For business or leisure travel, fly with Flapper!

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