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    The Global Express revolutionized the ultra-long range aircraft market by combining the most comfortable cabin category with enviable performance. Manufactured by Bombardier, its unique wing design provides great range without impeding operation on short runways, enjoying takeoff and approach at low speeds. The cabin provides space for up to 12 passengers for more than 12,000 km at Mach 0.85.

    Global Express Details

    The Global Express is an example of sophistication and technological advancement in executive aviation, featuring a comprehensive range of high-tech resources and systems. Equipped with Honeywell Laseref IV inertial units, Micro Air Data AZ-840 air data computers, and DA-810 data acquisition units, the aircraft provides a highly accurate and efficient flight environment. Its IAC Flight Management flight management system, Honeywell Primus II integrated radios, and Mode S Diversity transponders are just some of the components that ensure safe flight operations. Additionally, the jet demonstrates compliance with FANS 1/A+, ADS-B Out, CPDLC, MNPS, RNP4, RNP10, RVSM standards, and features a complete entertainment system with Direct TV, Airshow 400, DVD/CD players, 18″ LCD monitors, and power outlets in the cabin and cockpit, ensuring a unique flight experience.

    Global Express comfort

    The interior of the Bombardier Global Express was designed to provide a luxurious and functional environment for up to twelve passengers, as well as a jumpseat in the cockpit and rest space for the crew. The cabin, divided into distinct zones, includes in the first section a galley equipped with a high-temperature oven, microwave, coffee maker and refrigerated drawer, four executive seats with retractable tables that offer comfort and space for meetings. The center of the cabin features a conference area with table to the left, and a sofa for four to the right. In the rear, a divan for three people, two executive seats with retractable table and full bathrooms. Both the sofa and the divan can be converted into beds, ensuring comfort throughout the flight.

    Global Express Reach:

    The Bombardier Global Express, with Rolls Royce BR 710-A2-20 engines, has a remarkable range of 6,000 nautical miles, enabling direct travel between global destinations. It facilitates connections such as São Paulo to Mykonos, Mexico City to Auckland and Lisbon to Seoul, uniting distant metropolises.

    Ficha Técnica:

    Exterior Height: 7.75 meters

    Wingspan: 28.65 meters

    Length: 30.28 meters

    Cabin Height: 1.91 meters

    Cabin Width: 2.49 meters

    Cabin Length: 14.73 meters

    Internal Luggage: 5.52 cubic meters

    Crew: 2

    Passengers: 12

    Maximum Takeoff Weight: 44,452 kg

    Maximum Landing Weight: 35,669 kg

    Maximum Range: 11,522 km

    Service Ceiling: 15,545 meters

    Landing Distance: 814 meters

    Maximum Speed: 946 km/h

    Cruising Speed: 903 km/h

    Economy Cruise: 873 km/h

    Engines: 2x Rolls Royce BR 710-A2-20

    About Flapper

    The leading executive aviation company in Latin America, Flapper was born out of the need for on-demand services, including flights to premium destinations, inaccessible in commercial aviation. Using our app and corporate booking platforms, passengers can select shared flights or charter one of more than 2,000 aircraft certified by international civil aviation authorities.

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