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    When it comes to the health of our loved ones, the smallest detail can make a difference and the least we can expect is the best possible care. Bearing this in mind, the Flapper team recently carried out another successful end-to-end airport transportation flight, transferring a patient from João Pessoa (PB) to São Paulo (SP) using a business jet.

    The operation was carried out for a 66-year-old woman who is undergoing treatment due to peritoneal tuberculosis. She was admitted to an Intensive Care Unit (ICU), her condition was stable, but the patient was in need of special care, more specifically, mechanical ventilation.

    As soon as Flapper was called into action, we forwarded the itinerary along with details of our partners, and the family stopped worrying about the little details. Once the transfer had been authorized, an ambulance from our company went to collect the patient from the Alberto Urquiza Wanderley Hospital, with the doctor and nurse who would be on the flight already on board, in order to start the patient transfer safely.

    The destination of the flight was the Albert Sabin Hospital, in São Paulo, which the family had chosen in order to continue with the treatment. They left the capital of Paraiba around 6 pm and arrived in the capital of São Paulo at about 11 pm.

    Throughout the flight, and even during the transfer from one ICU to another, from one bed to another, the patient was accompanied by onboard health professionals, who went with her in the ambulance in both cities and who were responsible for getting the patient settled in on board with all the plane’s facilities. As well as the professionals, the patient’s daughter, the family’s private doctor, the pilot and the co-pilot were also present on board.

    Due to the fact that the team was so well-prepared and the plane was so well-equipped for air medical transportation, the flight was very calm, with no complications, and it successfully took the patient to her new place of treatment.

    Due to the sensitivity of the operation, the operation needed special permission from the authorities as both the International Airport in João Pessoa, Presidente Castro Pinto (JPA; SBJP), and the runways are closed between the hours of 6 pm and 11 pm due to building work. However, the plane was allowed to take off during the period when operations should have been suspended because it was an air-medical flight.

    This is one of the differentials of these types of transportation, which usually receive special authorization in order to operate at closed or restricted airports. Even military runways are liberated for these flights, something that does not always happen with normal business aviation flights.

    Another interesting fact about this flight, highlighting the importance of making special preparations for air medical transportation, is that the family is accustomed to using business aviation and even has its own aircraft. The flight was actually chartered by a pilot who is a member of the family. Even so, they chose to charter a jet with Flapper, knowing that all the medical facilities installed inside the plane, as well as the know-how of the team and the doctor and the nurse on board would make a difference.

    Aircraft used: Learjet 35A

    Before leaving for Congonhas Airport (CGH; SBSP), while waiting for the patient, the Learjet 35A used for the mission was hangered in the family’s own private hangar inside João Pessoa Airport. As it is a long route, they opted for a jet, that is usually faster and more spacious than turbo propellor aircraft.

    The Learjet 35A does very well when it comes to range, economy and performance, it is known for its high cruising speed, and is able to fly up to 3,574 km without stopping when operating at full capacity. The interior – well-lit and comfortable – usually features comfortable armchairs in a club seat configuration, as well as a small sofa for those seeking more comfort.

    For this operation, however, the layout was completely modified, transforming the interior into an air ambulance that provides all the care the patient needs. In cases like these, the aircraft is equipped with stretchers, incubators, oxygen tanks, vital signs monitors, ventilators, defibrillators and lots of other equipment to make transportation comfortable and safe during this delicate period.

    Flapper Medical Transportation Alliance

    In this case, we are describing the flight of a passenger who, even while undergoing intensive care, was in a stable condition. However, Flapper’s air-medical services are prepared to deal with emergency operations, in the knowledge that in these situations every single minute can make a difference to the outcome of the patient. For this reason, we have created an integrated network of aircraft which are certified medically for transportation, streamlining the process of booking and operating these modes of transport: The Flapper Medical Transportation Alliance.

    Na rede, há mais de 100 aeronaves homologadas para esses voos na América Latina e o nosso sistema de rastreamento de voos faz com que a busca por aviões e helicópteros bem posicionados para atender cada demanda seja muito mais breve.

    Flapper’s differentials include our local on-site checks as well as the safety protocol we have adopted, which follows the American Wyvern Safety standard. Additionally, all our regional directors are prepared so that they can give the quickest response when they receive this type of request.

    It is not only the transfer between hospitals that is sought by our clients. A Flapper performs, for example, international medical repatriation, having worked on behalf of the United Nations Organization, embassies and governments, with a team that is responsible for all the alfandegarios, immigration and health requirements.

    Another service we provide is neonatal and/or pediatric air ambulances. In these cases, the entire flight is prepared in order to mitigate any risk to the lives of small children, or to safely transport a newborn baby straight to their home in another city. Not only does the internal structure have to be adapted, but professionals must be specially prepared to deal with neonatal and pediatric requests.

    Speaking of the team, all of the doctors and nurses, as well as being certified in their own areas, must also hold an additional certificate for air ambulance missions. Flapper can also provide technicians to operate specialized equipment, or therapists to offer mental health assistance to patients and/or family members, if necessary.

    We even have an expert in flight coordination at Flapper who analyzes the medical condition of each patient for every request, in order to understand exactly what type of care each individual needs, so that they can pass on to the flight team which hygiene and safety guidelines need to be respected.

    Air medical transportation can be requested through our booking platform, which is available on the website or in the app. In addition, we offer several other types of services, ranging from air taxi charter and business jets, through to pet transportation, and even urban transfers and empty leg flights. Explore the options and take advantage of everything that Flapper has to offer. To talk to us, please contact us at:


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