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    The King Air C90A, a twin-engine aircraft turbo-propeller produced by the renowned Beechcraft, represents an icon in executive aviation. With a track record of reliable performance and versatility, the C90 is appreciated for its efficient hauling capabilities and ability to operate in a variety of track conditions. With a well-designed cabin, it offers passengers comfort, while its remarkable flight characteristics guarantee a great aerial experience.

    C90A Details

    The King Air C90A stands out for its advanced avionics features, equipped with a dual Garmin GTN-650 navigation and communication system, offering precision and reliability in aircraft guidance. The GDU-620 PFD/MFD display provides a comprehensive view of the flight situation, complemented by the EX600 MFD for additional information. The GRS-77 AHARS system, Garmin Audio Panel, and GDC-74A ADC contribute to efficient and safe operation. Additionally, the C90A incorporates technologies such as the TAS615 Processor, GAD-43e Converter and GTP-59 OAT to optimize performance and pilot experience. These components guarantee precise navigation and effective management of flight conditions.

    Aircraft comfort

    The King Air C90A’s comfortable and efficient interior has been meticulously designed to provide a sophisticated flying experience. The cabin, with capacity for six passengers on leather seats, offers a club seating configuration for four occupants. The versatility of the aircraft stands out, with an additional seat convertible into a toilet for greater practicality on long flights. Refined details such as wooden finishes and thoughtful lighting create an elegant ambiance, while panoramic windows provide stunning views.

    C90A range

    The King Air C90A has a range of up to 1125 nautical miles, facilitating direct connections between cities such as São Paulo to Maceió, Lisbon to Venice and Mexico City to Miami.

    Technical Data:

    Exterior Height: 4.34 meters

    Wingspan: 15.32 meters

    Length: 10.82 meters

    Cab Height: 1.47 meters

    Cab Width: 1.37 meters

    Cabin Length: 3.79 meters

    Crew: 2

    Passengers: 6

    Maximum Takeoff Weight: 4,581 kilograms

    Maximum Landing Weight: 4,354 kilograms

    Operating Weight: 3,175 kilograms

    Maximum Range: 2,083 kilometers

    Service Ceiling: 9,144 meters

    Landing Distance: 1,219 meters

    Maximum Speed: 463 km/h

    Cruising speed: 433 km/h

    Engines: 2x Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-21

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