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    We have already covered a bit about the communication between pilots, crew, and air traffic control towers when we explained the operation and origins of the International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet, also known as the aviation phonetic alphabet or, especially in Brazil, the “Zulu” alphabet.

    Now, to expand your knowledge of the aeronautics glossary, we have identified some of the most common terms in executive aviation. In this way, you will be aware of all the jargon used when flying, in addition to reducing your doubts when choosing which aircraft you intend to charter.

    Check out the Most Common Terms of Executive Aviation


    It is the most used term in the field of aviation. Basically it defines any space or area for landing, taking off, and moving planes and helicopters. It therefore covers conventional, public, and private airports, but also helipads, heliports, runways, and spaces intended for the landing of amphibious planes, for example.


    Set of electronic equipment on board aircraft. These include: communication, navigation, and flight control systems, in addition to the autopilot.


    Service for providing meals on flights. In executive aviation, what is offered varies according to travel time and passenger needs. Quotes usually take into account at least the price of basic catering.

    City manager:

    Professional who follows the company’s needs in each city, ensuring that all customer requests are met with agility and assertiveness.

    Club seating:

    Also called club seating configuration. The layout is thus defined when there are four seats facing each other, allowing interaction between passengers during the flight.

    Empty Legs:

    These are opportunities to fly on planes that take off without passengers on board, heading to their bases or to a new mission, without passengers on board. In order not to travel empty, flights are sold individually at special prices.


    Acronym for Fixed Base Operator. It is an institution or company that provides services at airports. Commonly, they provide fuel and can clean or move aircraft to a hangar, among other activities.

    HEPA Filter:

    Technology used in air filters with high efficiency in particle separation – the acronym comes from High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance. They are used in aviation to reduce the spread of pathogens through recirculated air.

    Air charter:

    It is nothing more than the rental of planes and helicopters, a service provided by Flapper. In addition to business and leisure trips, it is possible to charter aircraft for weddings, transfers, aeromedical services, cargo and valuables transportation, etc.


    Shed, commonly located in airports and heliports, where aircraft are parked between flights.


    Also known as aquaplaning. It occurs when the track is wet and forms a sheet of water, responsible for interrupting the contact between tire and ground. In this way, the driver loses steering control.


    It is possible to rent an aircraft for a certain period. Depending on the agreement made, at the end of the contract, the user can purchase the plane permanently.


    Meeting environment between providers and consumers. Flapper, for example, is Brazil’s first on-demand marketplace for air taxi jet and helicopter rental.


    An abbreviation for passenger. That is, someone on board who is not part of the crew.


    When the aircraft, after an itinerary, has to fly back to its base or go to a new city, where it was needed by another consumer. This is how empty leg flight opportunities arise.


    Transponder code that transmits the aircraft identification via radio frequency. Important to keep air traffic control informed of aircraft location.


    This is what clandestine air taxis are called in Brazil, aircraft that are used commercially despite operating under a civil license. Clandestine aerial maintenance services are known as “Maca”.

    Most Used Acronyms

    In addition to the above terms being frequently used by executive aviation professionals, or even in our texts, it is common to come across some acronyms frequently.

    Check out what the abbreviations mean below:

    AAM: Advanced Air Mobility, term for air transport using electric and hydrogen powered vehicles;

    ANAC: Brazil’s National Civil Aviation Agency;

    ATIS: Automatic Terminal Information Service;

    CA: Certificate of airworthiness;

    CM: Registration certificate;

    COA: Air Operator Certificate;

    EBTA: Enhanced Business Travel Account, a virtual payment method that centralizes travel expenses;

    EO: Company’s operational specification;

    eSTOL: Electric short take-off and landing vehicle;

    eVTOL: Electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle;

    GIAS: Global Investment in Aviation Summit, a global event dedicated to investments in the sector;

    IATA: International Air Transport Association;

    ICAO: International Civil Aviation Organization;

    RAB: Brazilian Aeronautical Registry, which contains the history of the aircraft.


    Now, to expand your knowledge of the aeronautics glossary, we have identified some of the most common terms in executive aviation. In this way, you will be aware of all the jargon used when flying, in addition to reducing your doubts when choosing which aircraft you intend to charter.

    In our app or website, you will be able to produce instant quotes for the itinerary you want to travel. Prices vary according to the embarkation and disembarkation locations, schedules, helicopter or aircraft models chosen, among other factors.

    What does not change, however, is the quality of the experience obtained by choosing Flapper for your trip. Talk to one of our experts and make your appointment. For more information, contact us via:


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