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    Made in Switzerland, the Pilatus PC-12 is so highly appreciated that its nickname is simply “the Mercedes of single-engine turboprops.” What makes it so admired is its combination of speed, comfort and safety, putting it at the same level as a twin-engine aircraft such as the King Air C90.

    Its versatility is another attraction, as this aircraft can be used perfectly for shared flights, weekend getaways or on short-distance trips for corporate teams. Inside, it has an executive layout and, regarding performance, its Pratt & Whitney engines guarantee the quality and best safety records in the history of turbine engines.

    The PC-12 was developed in 1990 and introduced to the market four years later. It was used first in Australia, where 32 of these aircraft were employed to take medical care to remote areas of the country. Since then, this single engine plane has consolidated itself in executive aviation, with almost 2,000 of them delivered.

    Exclusive and luxurious cabin

    The internal layout of the Pilatus PC-12 is charming. Blending comfort, style, refinement and luxury, this turboprop has large windows and a remarkably bright cabin, increasing the feeling of amplitude within the aircraft. Better cab cooling and less noise are guaranteed by the air-conditioning system distribution and ceiling lining.

    Consequently, the experience during the flight is not just modern and productive. Due to this type of structure, those who fly with the PC-12 can plan long business or vacation trips, bringing together corporate teams or friends and family.

    In addition, all seats can fully recline, as well as offering higher backrests and extra space. Depending on the configuration, between six and nine armchairs can be fitted in. A common executive configuration is for eight passengers, with four chairs in club configuration and another four facing the front of the plane. It is also possible to organize the layout with nine armchairs or to cargo or air ambulance transport configurations. One of the differentials of the seats is that they are finished with the best leather produced in Europe and are custom sewed by hand.

    Ensuring comfort with the PC-12

    In addition to beauty and refinement, this aircraft offers a level of comfort that surpasses other higher categories. Its floor, for example, is entirely flat, allowing even greater comfort during long flights. From the cabin, it is also possible to access the luggage compartment, facilitating the handling of passengers’ luggage.

    The plane also has a spacious private bathroom at the front, meaning that the space for cargo can be even bigger, avoiding difficult decisions when storing luggage. The door to the compartment – the size of a pallet – is exclusive to the PC-12 among turboprops.

    In the aircraft, amenities such as 110V sockets, reading lights on the seats, a partially equipped kitchen, folding tables and facilities for on-board service are also available.

    Modernity & Performance

    The performance of the Pilatus PC-12 is one of its main highlights. Despite being a turboprop, its avionics system is similar to that of high-quality executive jets. The aircraft has an autopilot which is optimized for stability and smoothness, a synthetic vision and an Advanced Cockpit Environment (ACE), which helps control the aircraft.

    One of the priorities of the PC-12 is flight safety. There are several technologies in this sense, such as: tactile feedback on unusual actions, a special emergency descent mode and a crew alert control, which features the most powerful and intuitive tools.

    In terms of navigation, no other turboprop can match it. With advanced tools and features, the PC-12 features enhanced graphical displays, 3D audio, detailed airport motion maps, and more. Guidance of the planned trajectory in the itinerary and even a Digital Autothrottle system – the first turboprop to incorporate this technology – that reduces the pilot’s workload and increases speed control.

    Another new feature of this aircraft: a controller with grip edges to help stabilize the pilot’s hand, even during challenging turbulence. All of these features are possible thanks to the continued popularity of the PC-12, accumulating millions of hours of experience.

    And in addition to cabin technology, the aircraft features the powerful Pratt & Whitney engine– when it comes to turboprop, engine reliability is even more critical than average. This has unparalleled history, beating records in safety ratings.

    Technical sheet of Pilatus PC-12

    Find out below the technical specifications of this leading aircraft in the single-engine turboprop segment.

    Cruise speed: 537 kph

    Take-off distance: 758 meters

    Engines: Pratt & Whitney Canada

    Maximum take-off capacity: 4,740 kg

    Maximum Operating Altitude: 30,000 feet (9,144 meters)

    Range: Approximately 3,400 km.

    Crew on board: one pilot

    Passengers: 6 to 9

    Luggage volume: 1.13 m³

    Cabin height: 1.47 meters

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