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    Aircraft Charter / Private Jet and Helicopter Charter in Belo Horizonte

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    Comfortably headquartered in the city of Belo Horizonte, Flapper Team boasts decades of experience in commercializing air charter flights in the state of Minas Gerais region. Our service offering includes private jet charter, helicopter charter and FBO services at Pampulha Airport. We are proudly homologated by ARGUS and Wyvern, two of the world’s leading safety certification agencies. All aircraft are operated under valid commercial licenses (RBAC 135).

    FBO and VIP Services at Belo Horizonte – Pampulha Airport [SBBH]

    Belo Horizonte’s main business aviation airport – Pampulha [SBBH, PLU] boasts a modern infrastructure, composed of 16 executive hangars offering handling, hangarage and welcome services. Our local team will provide an on-the-spot support from the very first moment your chartered aircraft lands in Belo Horizonte and attend you at one of the three best-rated hangars:

    FBO Hangar Aeroporto de Pampulha Belo Horizonte
    HANGAR 1

    Two VIP lounges. Handling of heavy jets.

    HANGAR 2

    Large VIP lounge, easy access. Handling of heavy jets.

    HANGAR 3

    VIP lounge and conference room. Handling of ultra long-range jets.

    Available services:

    24 hour by request, Catering, Minibar, Coffee, Computer w/ Internet, Concierge, Fax Machine, Flight Planning, Ground Power Unit, Interior Cleaning, Kitchen, Lavatory Service, Meeting Room, Nitrogen Service, Pilot Lounge, Quick Turnaround, Ramp Security, Restaurant Nearby, Security, Shower, Taxi and Executive Car Service, Weather Planning

    Private Jets and Helicopters Available for Charter in Belo Horizonte

    We offer the widest range of safety-vetted private jets and helicopters in the Minas Gerais region. The three airports of Belo Horizonte and more than five helipads make for a wonderful infrastructure available on-demand for our international clients.

    HondaJet side view Flapper Brazil

    HondaJet and Phenom 100

    These jets are ideal for those interested in short-haul flights of max. 3 hours or less. Light jets possess space for 4 to 6 passengers and are typically capable of landing on short runways (1,000 m or 3280 ft).

    Learjet 60 side view Flapper Brazil

    Learjet 45 and Citation VII

    They can comfortably accommodate from 6 to 9 passengers and come equipped with partial galley, enclosed lavatory and entertainment centers. The jets from this category can fly from Belo Horizonte to Fortaleza non-stop.

    Challenger 604 side view Flapper Brazil

    Hawker 850 and Challenger 600

    Wider cabin, longer range and more advanced avionics are the main characteristics of private jets belonging to these two categories. With capacity for up to 8-14 passengers, heavy jets can fly nonstop from Belo Horizonte to Miami or – with just one stop-over – to Europe. The typical equipment includes a full galley, large adjustable seats and state-of-the-art entertainment centers.

    Global 6000 side view Flapper Brazil

    Bombardier Global

    With the ability to connect any two points in the world with just one stop, Bombardier Global boasts unique characteristics, sought after by the most demanding clientele. Cabins are typically divided into three or four zones, while seats can easily be converted into beds.

    Rent Your Private Jet or Helicopter in Belo Horizonte Now

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    Why to Charter Your Private Jet with Flapper

    Flapper is an award-winning company with over 20,000 happy customers in Brazil and in over 20 countries around the world. Chartering your jet or a helicopter with Flapper is more than just buying a service. You experience business aviation from a new perspective.

    Experienced Multinational Team

    We offer a personalized service, 100% adapted to your needs.

    Agility Air Charter

    Thanks to our technology, we are able to offer fast response and numerous payment options.

    Wide array of options air charter

    Choose from over 100 different types of jets, helicopters and turboprops

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