• Private Jet Charter for Weddings. A definite guide.

    Aircraft Charter / Private Jet Charter for Weddings. A definite guide.

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    A wedding is one of those few events that bring together all the important people in our lives. And so, to organize one, we choose the most original and inspiring places, often located outside big city centers. This includes sandy beaches, luxury hotels, or even entire islands. But what to do if our chosen refuge does not have easy access by commercial aviation or car? Private jet charter for weddings has gradually emerged as a mainstream option among the wedding organizers. It allows you to get to the most remote places in the country and, depending on the aircraft, can become a viable alternative to commercial aviation.

    Interior configuration of Phenom 100, a light jet available for charter
    Interior configuration of Phenom 100, a light jet available for charter

    Jet charter for weddings – practical implications

    Among all services typically contracted for weddings, transportation plays a central role, giving a good start and end to the bride and groom’s celebrations. Hiring an air taxi service is a great choice for those who want to increase the satisfaction level of their guests and family:

    • Practicality and comfort. As a groom, you want to arrive at your special event relaxed, in a more practical way and stress-free. The business aviation service is characterized by being an exceptionally comfortable and fast mode of transport, and ensures a better experience than other forms of transfer.
    • Precision. Did you know that there are more than 5000 landing strips in the US? Brazil counts a further 2500 (as well as 800+ certified helipads). The general aviation sector enables landing anywhere in the country. It is also a preferred option for those who need to bring a larger group of family and acquaintances (19-150 people) to the most distant places.
    • The “Wow” effect. Nothing guarantees a better start to your event than arriving in style. Grooms usually take the opportunity to take photos and record videos, giving a beautiful opening for wedding day filming.

    One of the advantages of regulated business aviation is its safety ratings. Contrary to popular opinion, air taxi is one of the safest options in the transport industry.

    Charter helicopter to Angra
    R44 helicopter in Angra dos Reis, Brazil

    How to choose a secure option

    First, let’s highlight the advantages of hiring a Part 135-certified air carrier compared to a private pilot:

    • Additional periodic maintenance requirements. Extra security checks and more advanced internal processes are performed to ensure even safer flights.
    • For twin-plane airplane and helicopter flights, two pilots are required, typically with flight hours up to 2-3 times longer than a private pilot.
    • Adequate infrastructure to accommodate passengers and ensure an adequate crew environment.

    These factors result in the following fact: the safety rating of the best air taxi operators are impeccable and ensure a safe trip, free of unexpected events. In addition, companies like Flapper posses additional certifications, such as Wyvern, that ensure an even safer flight. You may request aircraft and operator details at any time, including maintenance, pilot training, and insurance plan information.

    King Air B200GT, aircraft  used in the weekly business route
    King Air B200GT: an ideal VIP aircraft for landing at short runways.

    In accordance with our internal standards, Flapper does not offer flights in older aircraft or aircraft with a negative safety ratings, as per publicly available data. To demonstrate our dedication to the safety of the models, review the data of the weekly flight São Paulo – Rio de Janeiro, performed on the King Air B200GT model. There are more than 20 thousand flight hours of our operator, without any accident. In addition, the King Air B200GT is the only turboprop in the country approved to carry the President of the United States in an emergency.

    Our team follows live weather conditions, always under the consultation of pilots and the operator team. We ensure that flights to North Coast airports depart visually, and we have contingency plans in case of possible cancellations. This includes transfer to other airports or exchange of aircraft.

    Remember that hiring a non-ANAC approved aircraft is a violation of the law and may cause your guests disruption.

    Caravan Grand available for charter for 9 passengers
    Caravan Grand can carry up to 9 passengers

    Charter a private jet for your wedding

    With over 350 aircraft available for charter in our partner fleet in Brazil and 4000 overseas, Flapper guarantees the widest range of options for your next flight. Flapper’s system automatically searches for an airplane or helicopter according to specifications such as route, number of passengers, or aircraft model. In addition, you enjoy the following benefits:

    • Your own seat reservation system made available only to you and your guests. All customers receive a booking with boarding and disembarkation details, such as aircraft and baggage information.
    • Credit card payment, with installment options and acceptance of all types of credit cards.
    • Transparent pricing and access to Flapper Preferred fares established with our air taxi partners.

    To choose the desired option, simply access the Flapper application or browse the site. Then contact our team to confirm the availability of the plane and your preference to purchase the flight. Throughout the process you will be accompanied by the Flapper City Manager responsible for your region and provided with all necessary help.

    The most popular wedding planes and helicopters

    Learjet 35A is a light jet, ideal for photo shooting in its beautiful and comfortable interior, for 7 passengers. Price for charter is on average R$21,00 per km.

    Airbus Esquilo B2, the most versatile helicopter model for up to 5 passengers. Charter price varies by desired route.

    Boeing 737, perfect for large group VIP transportation. This model holds up to 52 passengers in a unique business aviation experience. Charter prices are on average R$40.000 per hour.

    Embraer 190, this model carries up to 110 passengers, making it the most cost-effective choice for large group transportation.

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    About Flapper

    Flapper is Brazil’s first executive boutique airline and regional chartered flight leader. Our partner fleet counts 350 ANAC-certified aircraft in Brazil and more than 4000 overseas. We are known for our passion for excellence and technological innovation. It’s our pleasure to serve you.

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