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    Evolution of the 560XL family, the Cessna Citation XLS+ is the improved and modernized version of one of the best-selling jets of all time, the Citation Excel. It is an updated aircraft in all its features, from the engines to the interior, allowing for faster and more comfortable flights than its predecessors.

    The Pratt & Whitney engines are also improved, providing even more impressive performance for the XLS+, which also features state-of-the-art avionics and a redesigned front end that offers better aerodynamics for the plane. All of this facilitates the pilots‘ work and makes the experience on board this aircraft even smoother than that of other jets in the category.

    Refined interior space

    One of the attractions of the Citation XLS+ is its spacious cabin, which measures 1.73 meters, allowing passengers to walk around the environment standing up. The most common thing is for eight of them to be transported comfortably in this jet, but depending on the configuration, the number can vary between seven and nine people.

    A common seating arrangement has four armchairs spread out in club seating, two as aft seats and another two seats on a sofa. Due to its triple-sealed door and triple-glazed windows, the cabin features above-average noise-canceling quality, greatly reducing the impact of noise during travel.

    Luggage space is another differential. In all, there are 2.3 cubic meters destined for this purpose, with an internal closet that simplifies storage and avoids space problems, regardless of the number of passengers.

    Absolute comfort

    The Citation XLS+ offers all passengers a unique experience of comfort. The sofa is padded leather, as are the seats, which also fully recline, a necessity for longer flights.

    Among the most important amenities for those traveling on this jet are the folding tables, the sliding headrests, the LED lighting system, an ample entertainment system, with individual monitors and 110V sockets, in addition to a double air-conditioning system. conditioned.

    There is also a closed lavatory on the plane and a complete structure for on-board service and catering, as the kitchen is complete and has a microwave oven. Thus, the Citation XLS+ is prepared to meet whatever the demands of its owners.

    Unique performance

    No wonder the Cessna Citation XLS+ is one of pilots’ favorite aircraft. Compared to its predecessor, the upgrades are significant, making commands simpler and gaining in production. Reflection, for example, of FADEC controls and Pratt & Whitney 545C engines.

    Instead of the three-screen displays of the other models, this successor features a four-screen LCD display and state-of-the-art avionics on the Collins Pro Line 21. There is also a cockpit display system with moving map.

    Its range is more than 3,400 kilometers, enabling this jet to make several types of flights, domestic or international, leisure or business. The Citation XLS+ still operates at an average speed of 641 km/h.

    Citation XLS+ data sheet

    Check out the details of this aircraft, one more among those commercialized by Flapper.

    Cruising speed: 815 km/h

    Takeoff distance: 1,085 meters

    Engines: Pratt & Whitney Canada PW545C turbofans

    Maximum take-off weight: 9,160 kg

    Maximum Operating Altitude: 45,000 feet (13,716 meters)

    Range: 3,400 km

    On-board crew: one pilot and one co-pilot

    Passengers: 7 to 9

    Luggage volume: 2.3 m³

    Cabin height: 1.73 m

    Buy your jet with Flapper

    Did you know that, in addition to being a pioneer in the field of chartering air taxis and executive jets in Brazil, Flapper also has an Acquisitions Department? Now, we are prepared to operate in the business of buying and selling aircraft, offering the premium service for which we have been recognized since 2017 in Brazil.

    The Cessna Citation XLS+ is one of several models available for business. You can check the list of aircraft on our website or app, browsing through the different categories – helicopters, turboprops, light jets, long range jets, etc.

    Our team is prepared not only to purchase the models. She goes way beyond. First, Flapper provides a consultancy service, knowing its customers’ needs and studying, together, the best option for each specific request.

    With the chosen model, we also make sure that the helicopter or plane to be purchased is in accordance with what was announced, carrying out a complete verification. Finally, Flapper is responsible for closing the deal and, if necessary, making the international transfer of aircraft purchased by its consumers.

    Has interest? Check now the options we have in our portfolio. For more information, contact us via the link below.

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