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    Aircraft Charter / Flight report: we transported 44 passengers for a corporate get-together

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    Responding to a variety of requests with excellence is one of Flapper’s hallmarks and this flight report is further proof. In December, we were approached by a multinational company in the food industry to transport a group of 44 passengers for the company’s end-of-year party, from São Paulo to Lins.

    At first, the client’s idea was for the group – which included professionals from various sectors of the company, as well as guests – to travel by chartering a large aircraft, such as the Boeing 737.

    In this case, the expertise of our team made all the difference. Taking into account the conditions of the destination runway, we suggested that it would be better to reserve five small aircraft, dividing the passengers into smaller groups.

    This was the option we chose, but another curious request added a challenge when it came to choosing the aircraft. Some selected members amongst the passengers had to be the last to board and the first to arrive at the destination, so they could offer support to the group and organize the day’s schedule.

    The selected aircraft

    This request meant that one of the aircraft had to be different from the others. For the group that had to leave last, yet still arrive before the other colleagues, the choice was the King Air B200 turboprop, due to its high speed, it can reach up to 394 km/h, and its capacity, comfortably accommodating up to seven passengers. 

    This plane is known as “go anywhere, at any time.” It features a quiet and spacious cabin and has an exceptional safety history, making it the most successful aircraft in its class. No wonder, it is the only turboprop authorized to transport the President of the United States in the case of a national emergency.

    The other members flew in four Cessna Grand Caravans, a turboprop that combines utility and flexibility. Its finish is simple, but its safety history is remarkable, being comparable to that of popular commercial aircraft such as the Boeing 737 or the Airbus A320.

    Having decided on these models, we were able to assist with the company’s logistics, which left the customers very satisfied. Improving the travel experience of those who contact us is one of the differentials of Flapper, our team is always motivated to deal with the challenges that arise in the daily routine of business aviation. 

    On boarding, passengers were presented with some snacks and drinks in their seats. In accordance with the experience of the highly trained pilots and the quality of the selected aircraft, the flights were carried out smoothly and earned praise from everyone.

    Itinerary: São Paulo Lins

    The flights departed from Sao Paulo starting at 7:00 am with an interval of five minutes between each of them. The boarding took place at the Campo de Marte Airport [RTE; SBMT], which is in Santana, in the northern part of the city. It is one of the largest airports dedicated to general aviation in Brazil. 

    The destination was Lins Municipal Airport – Governor Lucas Nogueira Garcez [SWQX]. The equipment is administered by the local city hall and only serves air taxis and executive aviation. The return took place on the same day, with flights starting the return to São Paulo at 5:20 pm.

    On board the Cessna Grand Caravans, each leg took 1h40m of flight. Meanwhile, the departure leg of the King Air B200 group took approximately 1h. Whereas the return leg took about 1h40m.

    Book your trip with Flapper

    Organizing the flights for such a large group was challenging and we were extremely happy with the success of this operation and the level of customer satisfaction. We will also be happy if you choose to schedule your company’s next trip or your next vacation with Flapper, the first on-demand marketplace for Brazilian business aviation.

    We are prepared for various types of operation, be it leisure or business, on trips throughout Brazil and abroad. Working alongside the best partners in the industry, we offer thousands of aircraft of all types for charter. We also operate with the sale of airplanes and helicopters. 

    To learn more, visit our charter platform, available on the website or app. There, you can check which itineraries are available (such as empty legs) or customize a new trip from scratch, choosing the places for departure and arrival, date, time, aircraft model and more. 

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