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    Aircraft Charter / Madrid to London Air Taxi: Find the perfect experience.

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    The European route connects two of the world’s major financial centers: Madrid – London, and is characterized as one of the main destinations when it comes to executive aviation.

    Madrid Barajas Airport

    Madrid is recognized as the main financial center in Southern Europe and the Iberian Peninsula. Thanks to its thriving economic production, high standard of living and vast consumer market, Spain ranks sixth in the ranking of the largest aircraft charter markets in Europe with approximately 80,000 annual movements of business jets.

    Adolfo Suárez/Madrid-Barajas International Airport [MAD,LEMD] has its infrastructure fully planned to meet the demand for private jets. Featuring a modern architecture, passengers can enjoy VIP terminals , restaurants and luxury goods stores that offer a good experience for those using the airport.

    London, one of the main international destinations

    London, the political and economic capital of the United Kingdom, is one of the most popular cities in the world thanks to its unique and cosmopolitan style.

    The city is considered one of the main financial centers in the world. Also standing out in the areas of tourism and service provision. Due to the large number of businessmen in constant transit to the British capital, the demand for private flights in the region is quite expressive.

    Farnborough airport

    Acquired in 2019 by Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (Europe), Farnborough Airport has become a world reference for business aviation users. Located in an easily accessible location, approximately 50 minutes from the capital of the United Kingdom, this airport has an award-winning architecture and a unique design. With luxurious FBO facilities and a private location, passengers have direct entry to the aircraft, providing a discreet and reserved experience.

    For aircraft, this airport has new takeoff and landing runways, a new control tower, a large hangar unit and a terminal building.

    The hangar at Farnborough Airport provides almost 30,000m² of temperature-controlled space for aircraft based and in transit. It is capable of accommodating Airbus aircraft and has additional storage facilities, as well as external space and a ramp for secure parking.

    Due to the growing interest in premium spaces, the airport is currently expanding its facilities and infrastructure even further. The objective is to increase the capacity of the current hangar by 70%.

    The listed benefits make Farnborough Airport an ideal choice for customers who make frequent use of private jets.

    Other UK airports

    London Stansted Airport

    London Stansted Airport [STN, EGSS] is located in the north of the country in Essex and handles both commercial air traffic and private jets.

    The site offers excellent facilities to meet the needs of business jet customers, operators and crew.

    London Luton Airport

    Luton Airport [LTN, EGGW] also receives a large number of private jets and is one of the five busiest airports in Europe.

    It is located north of the British capital and receives around 17 million passengers a year who fly to over 154 countries.

    With an exceptional infrastructure, it houses VIP terminals, in addition to being widely structured to receive passengers with the highest refinement.

    Charter a private jet in Europe

    We are pleased to offer a large number of private jets for international flights. Our customers enjoy 24/7 travel support.

    With regional offices in the main cities of Europe and a specialized team, at Flapper you will find the ideal aircraft for the most varied styles of travel.

    In the case of international flights, we must take into account the distance between locations, number of passengers and range of aircraft.

    For the route Madrid – London, we suggest the following aircraft:

    Phenom 100

    Designed to comfortably accommodate 4 passengers, this aircraft is ideal for short-haul executive flights. An elegant interior space with retractable tables makes business meetings possible en route. The Very Light Jet also features a fully enclosed lavatory and a large luggage compartment.

    Citation Excel

    One of the most in-demand models of all time, the Citation Excel features a triple-sealed door and triple-glazed glass for excellent noise cancellation. The interior is spacious, with seats arranged in groups of four, in club seating style , with two armchairs at the back and a sofa with two other seats, accommodating up to 9 passengers.

    Falcon 2000

    The Falcon 2000 is one of the most renowned heavy jets in its category. The luxurious interior consists of soft leather reclining seats that provide extreme comfort for up to 10 passengers.

    Suitable for longer flights, this aircraft is equipped with a fully enclosed bathroom. Catering service is available during the journey – check availability with one of our City Managers. Baggage is stored in a compartment with internal access, making it possible to access it throughout the flight.

    Fly with Flapper

    Leader in the on-demand chartered flight market in Brazil and Latin America, Flapper has established itself as a reference in executive aviation in Europe as well.

    Our team offers the best range of services and has expertise in carrying out more sophisticated domestic and international flights.

    We are prepared for different types of operations, leisure or business, on trips across the European continent. Working alongside the best partners in the industry, we offer aircraft of all types for charter. We also operate with the commercialization of airplanes and helicopters.

    You can use our online real-time quote system or send an email to sales-iberica@flapper.aero and inquire about other services offered by our local team.

    Our Services: Aircraft Charter

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