• Flight report: Group flight in Colombia

    Aircraft Charter / Flight report: Group flight in Colombia

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    Organizing on-demand charters for groups is always a logistical challenge, but Flapper once again proved capable of meeting this demand in an agile and efficient manner. Recently, the company had the opportunity to fly for 19 passengers in Colombia, a country where it has operated since 2021.

    Flight Itinerary

    The flight took off from Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport, the main airport serving the city of Cali, Colombia and located about 20 km northwest of the city center. For the greater convenience of tourists, it has an FBO dedicated to this type of operation, with modern facilities and exclusive services, such as VIP rooms with rest areas, meeting rooms, among other facilities.

    After 40 minutes of flight, the aircraft landed at Buenaventura Airport. Located in Valle del Cauca, Colombia, it is the regional airport serving nearby cities, including Buenaventura. The city is known for its beautiful beaches and lush nature. Many tourists use the airport to reach the coastal city and from there to destinations such as Gorgona Island, a natural paradise with crystal clear beaches and diverse fauna.

    Meet the Beechcraft 1900D

    Developed by the American company Beechcraft, the Beechcraft 1900D is an aircraft designed to transport up to 19 passengers on regional or air taxi routes. The model features a number of improvements over the Beechcraft 1900C, such as an improved passenger cabin, modernized avionics system and reduced operating costs.

    With a range of up to 1,500 nautical miles (about 2,780 km), the 1900D is capable of taking off and landing on relatively short runways, making it suitable for regional airports and shorter airstrips. The Beechcraft 1900D is widely used around the world, being one of the most popular aircraft models in its category.

    Fly with Flapper!

    Flapper is widely recognized for its extensive range of operations, which spans several countries, including Brazil, Latin America and Europe. Flapper is not limited to conventional charter services, but also caters to special requests, such as group flights and air taxi charters configured as ICU , among others.

    Regardless of the demand, Flapper is dedicated to providing the best solution and team for its customers, whether traveling for business or pleasure. Consolidating its status as the first on-demand executive aviation marketplace in Brazil, Flapper offers several charter options on its website or app, including shared flights between São Paulo and Paraty.

    If the intention is to acquire its own aircraft, Flapper offers pre-negotiation consulting services and is responsible for checking and transporting planes and helicopters. For more detailed information about the services offered, you can access the company’s platform or contact our team directly!

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