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    Since 2016 operating in Brazil, Flapper has already consolidated itself as a reference in the air taxi and executive aviation market. No for nothing, we were recently approached for a special mission, which required accurate logistical planning and a company that offered high-level security guarantees. The request? Import a luxury necklace from Geneva, Switzerland, to the Cidade Jardim shopping mall in the South Zone of São Paulo.

    Successfully, the mission has been accomplished. What ensured that this route was possible was the service of excellence that Flapper promotes, with  a simplified and efficient international payment system and more than 5,000 aircraft around the world, the result of the judicious choice of partners with which we operate.

    Check out below for more details on the operation, which makes clear how all safety standards followed by Flapper result in an extremely well planned and executed trip.

    1st Excerpt – Geneva to Viracopos

    The medium-sized Cessna Citation XLS jet performed the first part of the stretch in Brazil. This aircraft is one of the most economical to fly the route, a factor that influenced its choice. With the capacity to carry out medium-distance flights, it makes the list one of the most used in the world.

    In addition, the XLS has 2.3 cubic meters of external storage and an internal locker, offering plenty of luggage storage space. Its cabin is so high that it is possible to stand inside this jet.

    After crossing the Atlantic Ocean, the Citation XLS was destined for Viracopos-Campinas International Airport (SBKP; VCP), in the interior of São Paulo. This is one of the largest airfields in the country, and offers all the infrastructure that the operation needed tosuccessfully complete strategic stop.

    2nd Excerpt – Viracopos to São Paulo

    In Campinas, there was an aircraft change. Leaving the jet, the collar was transported to the Airbus H145 helicopter, the most modern and safe among the models available in Brazil, with a cabine significantly higher than the average.

    This version of the Airbus also features a Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) system, which provides unprecedented flight safety, ideal for a type of itinerary like this. The helicopter also has very powerful and  reliable Safran Arriel 1E2 engines that offer excellent performance and autonomy. Thus, the H145 can reach up to 244 km/h and fly for up to three hours, even though it has eight passengers and eight bags.

    With all this power, the route to Shopping Cidade Jardim, final destination of the necklace, was agile. The landing point was at the local helipad, Real Estate Sales [JHSF], where the transported value was delivered impeccably, safely and without malfunctions, making this another mission successfully completed by Flapper.

    Hire your flight with Flapper

    In addition to being  Brazil’s first on-demand marketplace in  executive aviation, we have dozens of aircraft adapted for the transportation of values in Latin America, being a regional leader in the segment. Operations are offered in several sectors:

    • Banking services: banknotes, coins and lottery tickets;
    • High-income individuals: jewelry, fine art, collector’s wines, precious stones, stamps and exotic objects;
    • Mining: gold, silver, metals and high-value raw materials;
    • Diplomacy and international organizations: confidential documents and other restricted items;
    • Other special freight: from international numismatic items to luxury cars.

    These are complex operations that depend on international and domestic authorizations. Therefore, having the help of our team is the best solution for logistics to go as expected, with no chance of failure when transporting items of these values.

    We also have hard work to ensure that the standards established by the National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac) are respected to the highest standard.  In general, thereare several models available, for loads of all sizes and itineraries of all distances. Learn what best fits your needs by contacting you via:


    Our Services: Aircraft Charter

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