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    Meeting demands involving complex logistical operations, even beyond Brazilian borders, is one of the differentials between Flapper’s services. Recently, for example, we were approached by a recurring international customer with the intention of chartering different flights departing and arriving in different countries.

    At first, due to our expertise, this is a common request, but a challenging detail requested by the client made this operation different from the others: all segments had to be carried out in the same aircraft.

    Despite the logistical issues, Flapper performed another international flight with excellence. The starting point was in the United States, more specifically in Los Angeles. Departing from the west coast of the United States, the three passengers went to Los Cabos, Mexico, on the peninsula of Baja California. After a few days, the aircraft picked up customers in the city and crossed the Latin country towards Cancún. Finally, the last stretch was back to the United States, in Miami.

    How Flapper is prepared to serve international flights

    With local offices in major cities across the continent, including Mexico and Miami, Florida, Flapper’s City Managers are uniquely positioned to provide a sophisticated, safe and reliable business aviation service coupled with extensive knowledge in management, technology and luxury. Determining factors for these flights to be carried out successfully.

    In this sense, we have increasingly expanded and consolidated our presence around the world, with flights across Europe and the United States, but especially in Latin America, with operations in countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina , between others.

    This is due to the solid work that the company has been doing to carry out this expansion while maintaining the usual high quality standards.

    Aircraft used: Hawker 800 XP

    As a suggestion from our team, a medium-sized jet would be ideal to ensure the comfort of passengers during all stretches, taking into account the distance between points and bearing in mind that there would be no change of aircraft.

    Analyzing these factors, the Hawker 800XP was chosen, a spacious jet especially appreciated for its safety, long range and vertical cabin. Due to the good relationship with foreign operators, we quickly obtained confirmation that he would be available to perform all the segments. As additional customer requests, special catering, French sparkling wine and a flight attendant were requested.

    The plane proved to be an excellent choice, confirming its popular nickname of the “Cadillac of corporate jets” and its appeal as one of the leading aircraft in its category, being equipped, for example, with an internal luggage compartment, allowing easy access to bags during the flight.

    Destinations and Airports

    The entire journey started at Los Angeles International Airport [LAX; KLAX], the city’s main airport, which also serves the metropolitan area of Los Angeles, famous for its beaches, glamor and a huge cultural industry, starting with cinema made in Hollywood.

    From the United States, the destination was Los Cabos International Airport [SJD; MMSD], one of the most relevant pieces of equipment when it comes to air taxi and executive aviation in Mexico. It is located in San José del Cabo, capital of the state of Baja California Sur, one of the biggest tourist attractions in the country in a region bathed by the Pacific Ocean.

    Keeping the standard of operation at large airports, the next location was Cancún International Airport [CUN; MMUN]. This is the second busiest airport in the country, behind Mexico City International Airport [MEX; MMMX]. Much of this, of course, thanks to the intense tourism in the region, one of the most popular destinations not only in Latin America, but in the whole world.

    Re-entry into the United States was via Miami Executive Airport [TMB; KTMB]. This time, we are talking about an airfield more dedicated to general aviation operations and, therefore, smaller than the main one in the city – which in turn is one of the most sought after by tourists, especially Latinos, due to the proximity of cultures.

    About Flapper

    The first online marketplace for private aviation in Brazil, Flapper arrived on the market to expand access to chartering executive aircraft and air taxis, making more and more people use these services.

    This is done in several ways. There is regular charter, in which a customer reserves his or her preferred plane or helicopter for a given itinerary. There is also Flapper’s sharing service, where it is possible to customize a trip and sell available seats or choose a seat on an itinerary sold by another customer – all with the company’s operation, following the same standards.

    Various operations are also performed. In addition to transit for leisure or work, Flapper organizes aeromedical flights, equipping planes with all the necessary infrastructure for emergencies and patient transfers. Valuables transport is another specialty, as well as offering routine transfers or on special occasions, such as large sporting and cultural events.

    To check out all these offers, just access the charter platform via the website or the app. Before booking your next trip, you can choose down to the smallest detail where to board and disembark, the model of aircraft, days and times, etc.

    Everything is done without complications for the customer, with the Flapper team and its partners joining efforts to guarantee a safe, comfortable and unforgettable experience. For more information, get in touch via:


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