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    The Embraer Legacy 650 , a long-range executive aircraft, stands out as a sophisticated and versatile model in the business aviation scene. With an elegant design and spacious interior, the Legacy 650 offers a luxurious flying experience, combining exceptional performance and efficiency. Equipped with a cabin configured to optimize passenger comfort, the Legacy 650 is capable of intercontinental flights, connecting global destinations with efficiency and style. Whether for corporate missions or long-distance personal travel, the jet incorporates the excellence of Embraer ‘s Brazilian engineering , providing a high-standard aerial experience.

    Legacy 650 details

    The Embraer Legacy 650 stands out in the executive aviation scene, offering a sophisticated and safe flying experience. Equipped with advanced avionics, including Honeywell RCZ 8.88M radios and dual Honeywell RNZ-851 navigation systems, it provides reliable communication and accurate navigation. Its cutting-edge features include an ACSS TCAS II Version 7.1 for collision avoidance and a Honeywell WU-880 weather radar for weather monitoring. With additional power from a Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp. Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), model APS500R/T-62T40C14, the Legacy 650 offers exceptional versatility and performance.

    Comfort of the Legacy 650

    The interior of the Embraer Legacy 650 was designed to offer comfort and functionality to passengers, providing a luxurious experience during the flight. With capacity to accommodate up to 13 passengers, the cabin features a carefully planned layout. The forward entry area features stone flooring, crew lavatory, large galley with convection oven, microwave, coffee maker, refrigerator and ample storage including additional crew seating. The space is divided into configurations that include a four-seat club-style seating section at the front, a four-seat conference area in the middle, and a rear section with a three-seat ottoman opposite a two-seat club seating arrangement. . Front and rear lavatories offer premium amenities, complementing the travel experience. The Legacy 650 is also equipped with an HD710 Swiftbroadband high-speed communications system, providing state-of-the-art connectivity and entertainment, including a media system with Blu-Ray and iPod.

    Legacy 650 range

    The Embraer Legacy 650, powered by Rolls Royce AE3007 A2 engines, boasts a remarkable maximum range of 3900 nautical miles. With this exceptional autonomy, the aircraft allows non-stop flights, connecting distant cities such as São Paulo to Miami, Lisbon to Havana and Mexico City to Brasília .


    Exterior Height: 6.63 meters Wingspan: 21.16 meters Length: 26.34 meters Cab Height: 1.83 meters Cab Width: 2.11 meters Cabin Length: 15.19 meters Crew: 2 Passengers: 13 Maximum Takeoff Weight: 24,318 kilograms Maximum Landing Weight: 20,000 kilograms Maximum Range: 7,482 kilometers Service Ceiling: 12,497 meters Takeoff Distance: 1,750 meters Landing Distance: 867 meters Maximum Speed: 850 km/h Normal Cruise: 828 km/h Engines: 2x Rolls Royce AE3007 A2

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