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    No matter where you are in the world, whenever you need a jet, Flapper will be your best option. We proved this once again in early December, when one of our repeat clients contacted us directly from Doha, Qatar’s capital. After watching the 2022 World Cup matches, his idea was to enjoy a few days rest in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

    Some requests really put the Flapper team’s abilities to the test in order to organize all the details of a charter as quickly as possible. First: the flight had to take off right after one of Brazil’s games during the tournament. Another point: the demand for slots at local airports was huge, especially due to the World Cup, with about 150 flights daily just on our client’s route.

    However, as our team is faced almost daily with challenging requests like this one, we are fully committed to providing the customer with an exceptional flight experience, and everything was resolved smoothly. Just 13 hours after the request all the operational details were in place, minimizing the wait for the client and putting their time first – a precious asset to those of us who use executive aviation.

    Doha – Dubai on board the Citation Sovereign

    Based on our experts’ extensive knowledge of aviation, some medium-sized jets were recommended that would ensure the comfort of both passengers throughout the flight. Out of the thousands of aircraft options that Flapper has available in its network of partnerships, the Cessna Citation Sovereign was chosen.

    This model is one of the main ones in its category and can carry up to eight passengers with a range of nearly 6,000 kilometers. It has a luxurious kitchen, large and comfortable seating, completely private bathroom and entertainment systems that fully complement the flying experience.

    It is also fitted out with the latest technology, being equipped with Primus’s newest glass cockpit avionics and powered by two Pratt & Whitney engines with FADEC controls, allowing unprecedented safety and control. It can land on short runways with a length of 3500 feet  (1,060 m), as well as climbing faster and flying further than any of its competitors. 

    For this request, the Citation Sovereign was sent directly from Egypt. Furthermore, in addition to the traditional onboard team, with a pilot, a co-pilot and a flight attendant, another member of the staff was part of the trip: a mechanical engineer. This is because Doha requires the presence of one of these professionals in order to authorize any flight operation. 

    Itinerary between Doha and Dubai

    A few hours after Brazil’s defeat to Cameroon at the Lusail Stadium, our customers embarked on the Citation Sovereign at Doha International Airport Premium Terminal [OTDB; DOH] – at 3:00 pm local time.

    As the countries are practically neighbors – they are on two peninsulas separated by a short stretch of the Persian Gulf – the trip was short, lasting only 45 minutes. In order to be more convenient for the client, the landing was carried out at the ultra-luxurious VIP terminal belonging to Execujet at Al Maktoum International Airport [OMDW; DWC]. 

    Fly with Flapper

    Recently, we have shown you how versatile Flapper’s operation are, we serve Brazil, Latin America, the United States and many other parts of the world. We don’t just offer normal charters, but can also meet special requests, such as the transportation of a valuable jewel or this air taxi charter configured as an ICU, among others.

    For any requests you may have, from the simplest to the more unusual, you can count on us. Whether on vacation or on a business trip Flapper will certainly have the best solution, at the best price and with the best team in the country. That is what has made us stand out since we landed in Brazil, we offer the first executive aviation marketplace on demand here. 

    On our website or app you can find out more about all our services. In terms of charter flights, there are several aircraft and itineraries that can be customized according to your needs, as well as flights that are offered regularly, such as the route between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

    If you plan on purchasing your own aircraft, you will also find what you need. Flapper has acted in this market, not only closing deals, but offering pre-purchase consulting services and taking responsibility for the checking and transportation of aircraft and helicopters.

    To learn more about our services, browse our platform and/or contact us:


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