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    Campo de Marte Airport , located in the northern part of the city of São Paulo, is the largest and most important general aviation airport in Brazil, in addition to having the infrastructure to offer aircraft charter, hangar and maintenance services.

    Inaugurated in 1920, it was the first airport terminal in São Paulo. Currently, it does not have regular commercial lines, being used by executive aviation for flights in small planes and helicopters. Most Flapper flights depart from there, including the weekly shared route on the São Paulo – Angra dos Reis route and vice versa.

    A curious fact is that Campo de Marte has the largest fleet of helicopters in the country and in the world of this type of aircraft, surpassing even New York.

    The infrastructure comprises 24 hangars , in addition to a passenger terminal, aviation schools, maintenance workshops, parking and restaurants. Its location is privileged, with easy access to Marginal Tietê, one of the main circulation routes in the capital of São Paulo.

    Facilities available at the airport

    For rotary-wing aircraft, the airport offers three zones for approach and takeoff, providing flexibility in air operations. We also found a heliport, landing and take-off runways, as well as taxi lanes with nocturnal signs, ensuring operations during the night.

    The Airport has six Fixed Based Operators (FBOs) , which provide services such as hangar, cleaning, maintenance, catering and VIP rooms equipped with sofas, meals, internet access, meeting rooms to ensure the well-being of passengers before flights .

    Aircraft available for charter

    Due to the length of its runway, the airport receives small aircraft such as turbo-propeller aircraft , super-light jets (VLJ) and light jets. It is also possible to carry out operations in twin-turbine helicopters, capable of operating in adverse climates.

    Some of the turbo-propellers available are the Beechcraft King Air C90 , most requested for short and medium-haul executive trips. The aircraft offers safety, economy and the possibility of landing on unpaved runways. Comfortably seats up to four passengers in club-seating configuration plus two extras in the rear section, and the Beechcraft King Air B200. The evolution of the previous aircraft has more capacity, greater power and range. Other differentials, such as seats covered with light leather, retractable tables and extra space for the legs are also found. With an unrivaled safety record, it is believed to be the only aircraft in its class authorized to transport the President of the United States in the event of a national emergency.

    Finally, the helicopters offered for executive flights on demand are: the Airbus Esquilo and the Airbus H-145 . The first example is one of the largest single-engine aircraft in its class. Manufactured in Brazil, it is equipped with anti-noise headphones and a Bose sound system to ensure greater passenger comfort during the flight. The H-145 is the most modern and safest helicopter in Brazil. The expanded cabin design offers excellent visibility to pilots and passengers, state-of-the-art rotor system, reduced noise and internal vibrations. 

    Top rated flights departing from Campo de Marte

    Air transfers are the most used type of service departing from Campo de Marte Airport. Among the routes, we highlight the itineraries between the 200 helipads and to another 6 airports in the metropolitan region of São Paulo. In addition, intra-city flights are also highly requested. Flights to the interior of the state, north coast and south coast of Rio de Janeiro, such as Paraty and Angra dos Reis , make up the list of most desired destinations. The most demanded aircraft are the Esquilo , the King Air B200 and the Cessna Grand Caravan .

    Route suggestion

    São Paulo – Juquehy

    Escape the traffic by taking a short 45-minute flight and land a few minutes from Praia da Baleia.

    Aircraft: EC-135

    Passengers: 5

    Flight time: 45min

    São Paulo – Belo Horizonte

    Arriving in the capital of Minas Gerais becomes more comfortable aboard the King Air B200! Aircraft: King Air B200

    Passengers: 7

    Flight time: 1h15

    São Paulo – Paraty (Laranjeiras)

    How about enjoying a weekend of rest in Laranjeiras? Quickly get on board the Agusta AW109! Aircraft: Agusta Grand New

    Passengers: 6

    Flight time: 1h

    São Paulo – Fazenda Boa Vista

    Whether for a romantic getaway or a family trip, Fasano Boa Vista can certainly cater for you. Fly aboard the Esquilo and enjoy what the countryside has to offer. Aircraft: AS-350

    Passengers: 5

    Flight time: 40min

    São Paulo – Rio de Janeiro

    Land directly at Jacarepaguá Airport, exclusively for executive aviation, aboard the King Air C90.

    Aircraft: King Air C90

    Passengers: 6

    Flight time: 1h05

    Air Taxi in Campo de Marte with Flapper

    Now that you know everything about Campo de Marte Airport, it’s time to book your trip. By clicking on any of the simulations in the text, you will be redirected to our charter platform, where you will be able to learn more about the operations.

    These are just some examples, on our website or app you can customize your trip to the smallest detail, choosing days and times, helicopter or plane model, boarding and landing airfields and much more.

    In addition to the airport, with Flapper you can explore the whole of Brazil, as well as neighboring countries and other continents. We have a network of partners around the world and local teams based in the main cities of the globe to ensure that the operation always maintains our level of excellence, wherever it is.

    We also offer seat reservation on shared flights and with aircraft that fly to fixed destinations – you can check on our platform. As if that were not enough, Flapper is also in the market of buying and selling aircraft, not just carrying out the transaction, but also offering advice and other services to its customers. We are a reference in the marketplace on demand in Brazilian executive aviation. To travel for tourism or corporate flights, please contact us! Send a message to:


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